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    Spotlight on Thornwick Bay – Nature Rockz

    You may have heard the exciting news that we are welcoming another park to join the Haven family! From March 2016 Thornwick Bay Holiday Park in Flamborough will be welcoming guests and owners – and we’re very excited about it!Taking inspiration from the local surroundings so it’s no surprise that Nature Rockz will be offering even more activities to get you and your family closer to nature.

    Fossil Hunting

    With secluded bays, Thornwick Bay has plenty of fossils to discover so you can learn about creatures that once called Flamborough their home.


    Guided Cave Exploration

    We’re back in the caves for this activity! Join Park Ranger Elliot and learn how caves are formed and the erosive powers of the sea.

    Guided Bird Identification

    Do you know your puffins from Kittiwakes? You will do after our Park Rangers takes you to the Nature Reserve and coastal cliffs. See how many different species you can spot and learn about the feathered friends that also holiday with Haven.

    Nordic Walking

    If you’re an athlete in the making or you just prefer a gentle stroll, Nordic Walking can be enjoyed by both. It’s a full body work out that is performed with specially designed walking pole – the perfect way to discover the coast!

    Cave Art

    Get yourself immersed in the art of our ancestors in 2016! Be inspired by cave paintings while discovering the wonderful sea caves at Thornwick Bay and recreate them on paper.

    Story Telling

    Hosted in one of our many magical settings, listen with intrigue as our storytelling sessions open up your mind and let your imagination run free.


    Kite Flying

    Who doesn’t love flying a kite by the seaside? Make the most of a windy day and fly kites in our safe open grassland on the park.

    Fossil Casting

    Become part of your very own Jurassic Park and learn about the different fossils found locally. You can then recreate them and make fossil castings from plaster of Paris.

    Dream Catcher making

    A handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web, make your very own dream catcher to help create sweet dreams and great sleeps.

    dream catcher

    Green Fingers, Planting and Growing Workshop

    Work with our Park Ranger and learn about sowing seeds, growing plants and how you can work with nature and get those green fingers too.


    Kite Making

    Make your own natural kite by using the best materials, structure and knots, everything you need to know to become a high flyer.

    Bow and Arrow Making

    Bows and arrows pre-date recorded history, learn which materials to use and make your very own bow and arrow set.

    Are you looking forward to these Nature Rockz activities? Let us know in the comments section below! Find out more by clicking here.