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    Spring Watch with Brian O’Brien!

    It’s finally here. During the storms of Winter, with the short days and never ending rain, we never thought we’d finally see the day when the sun finally made it’s appearance. Now I know what your thinking we’re getting all over excited here at Haven HQ but it’s hard not to, what with all the incredible pictures we are being sent of you lot enjoying yourselves at our parks! We want to get everyone excited too so we’ve asked one of our favourite Green Team members to talk us through the signs of Spring –  we promise it will make you want blow the dust off the gardening gloves and get outside!

    5 Signs of Spring

    1. Snowdrops and Primroses are some of the first flowers to start making an welcomed appearance, perfect for brightening up the scenery – pale yellow and white, a beautiful contrast against the darker colours of the woodland.

    2. At our Devon Cliffs park we are lucky to have a family of badgers living in our woodland area. At this time of year the badgers will be having their babies but you won’t actually see them for another six weeks as the mother keeps them underground. Did you know a group of badgers is called a Clan? Well now you do!

    3.  It’s this time of year that all the birds will be making there nests so make sure you help out as much as possible! If you have a dog or a cat you could provide the perfect bedding!  After brushing your four-legged friend place the fur outside so your resident birds can have designer bedding! Plus at selected Haven Parks you can treat the birds in your garden and  build a bird box yourself! Watch our video here.


    4. We start welcoming back some summer visitors such as migrating birds and butterflies. You will also soon see your first Cuckcoo – so keep your eyes and ears open!

    5. It wouldn’t be spring if we didn’t speak about frogspawn! Frogs start mating in January so you may be starting to see some of baby frogs hopping around. The eggs themselves are black specks and the jelly like, clear layer is there to protect the eggs from predators.


    Find out more signs with the Woodland Trust – you can even download spotter sheet to keep track of all the exciting things happening around you! Or why not see how many things you can see at our Haven parks?! Let us know in the comments below or show by tweeting your picture using the hashtag #myhavenadventure