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    Success for Haven at Visit Devon Tourism Awards 2014

    At the end of November the Devon Cliffs team went to the Visit Devon Tourism Awards. After having entering into two categories with 20+ entries in each, everyone was trying to get into the Top 3 and grab the top spot! Well, I have very good news to report back, let’s have a look at what happened…

    This years Visit Devon Tourism Awards were held at ‘The Palazzo’ in the Highbullen Hotel, Golf & Country  Club. The awards celebrate the best that Devon tourism has to offer, with 18 categories that showed off the range of tourist opportunities from all four corners of the county.

    The two different categories that Devon Cliffs entered were:


    • Occupancy and Seasonality
    • Commitment to Excellence
    • Improvements and Developments and their impact
    • Large Focus on Social Media & Digital activity
    • Trip Advisor Reviews & responses
    • Accessibility
    • Sustainability
    • Innovative Marketing
    • Staff Training and Development.


    • Commitment to Sustainability/Philosophy.
    • Energy Management
    • Water Management
    • Waste Reduction
    • Encouraging Wildlife
    • Promoting Sustainable Transport
    • Supporting local Economy/Sustainable Purchasing
    • Supporting Local Economy
    • Impact on Business, Visitors, Community and Environment
    • Marketing and Communicating green Credentials
    • Staff Engagement
    • Accessibility and Inclusivity
    • Adapting to Extreme Weather
    • Innovation and Inspiration

    I am pleased to tell you that after entering into two categories with 20+ entries in each, we were shortlisted in the Top 3 of both categories we entered! We then were placed 2nd in each achieving a Silver Award!

    The General Manager of Devon Cliffs, David Bennett, said; “The whole team has worked exceptionally hard this year to get us into the running for an award and we are really proud of what we have achieved. We already have our eyes set on the Gold Award for next year!”


    Have a look at the rest of the evening here:

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