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    Surfing in Cornwall

    In October, we took some of the team down to Cornwall to test the waters in Hayle and get a lesson from the Riviere Surf school.

    Surfing is something that I have always wanted to do but living near the city of London there isn’t exactly anywhere that close to practice my skills. So when the guys at Perran and Riviere surf school invited us down, I was packed up and on the M4 quicker than you could say ‘gnarly!’

    We stayed at the beautiful Perran Sands (it’s where we film our Xmas video!) , however Shaun the Operations Manager, told us the waves would be a little strong for us so we headed just five minutes down the road to Riviere Sands.

    We seemed to of picked a very good day as the October sun was on our side and our fear of the ‘cold’ sea was soon disappearing. We had on our winter wet suits (although Jake did wear a thinner summer one!) and headed down to Hayle beach to get practicing.

    Johnny, our surf instructor, lead the short 5 minute walk from the shack and mentioned that if we did surf at Perran Sands the walk down is a bit harder work as Riviere’s slopes are a bit gentler on you.

    Now for our lesson on the beach.
    Before Johnny let us loose in the waves, he wanted make sure we had the right technique. He taught us the basic steps on the sand, for example getting into the ‘box’ position (this on your knees and leaning forward), to kneeling on the board to eventually (and hopefully) standing!

    After this it was time to become the ‘surfer dude’ I’ve always wanted to be and to complete my first ‘i did it days’


    Here’s how we got on surfing in Cornwall!


    How much is it?

    Individual Surf session – £28
    Individual Paddleboard session – £30
    2nd Surf lesson (same break) – £25
    3rd Surf lesson (same break) – £20
    Surf lesson for 5 or more people – £126 (based on 5) saving you 10%

    (all of this includes choice of board and a GUL swimsuit to rent)


    When’s the best time to go?

    Anytime really! Our parks open in March and this is when the water can be at its coldest (but with the wet suits you really can’t feel the cold!) – we all can’t wait to go again!


    Some say we could be models for GUL wetsuits...

    Some say we could be models for GUL wetsuits…

    Where to stay?

    At our  Perran Sands and Riviere Sands parks of course! With both parks having direct access to the beaches you can surf on, it’s easy to roll out of bed and be down at the beach before you know it!


    How do I book?

    You can call us on 01872 573551 or visit our website to book your next Cornwall holiday.


    Have you been to our Surf Schools before? Or do you just love Cornwall?Let us know in the comments below!