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    Surfing Hotspots in the UK

    Many people may associate surfing with destinations like Australia or Hawaii, but did you know there are loads of great surfing spots right here in the UK? Check out our list below to find your perfect surf!

    Watergate Bay – Cornwall

    Watergate Bay located in Newquay, Cornwall  is the perfect place to catch some waves. Newquay is known as the UK’s Surf Capital for it’s many beaches and ideal surfing conditions. Watergate Bay is the prime location in Newquay where waves from the Atlantic Ocean create a strong surf for avid surfers to enjoy, but the vast beach also allows for some more mellow waves, perfect for beginners to progress!

    Watergate Beach is only a 25 minute drive from our Perran Sands Holiday Park

    Gower Peninsula – South Wales 

    The heart of surfing in Wales and the history of the Welsh surf has always been the Gower Peninsula. The Gower Peninsula stretches from Broughton Bay to Langland and has a number of beach breaks, point breaks and reefs breaks to discover. Gower was also the first named Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Britain so you can enjoy some pretty extraordinary views on your surfing trip.

    Want to learn to surf? You can learn to surf at Haven!

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    Croyde – Devon

    Croyde, located just 3 hours from London in Devon, is the perfect place for city surfers looking to catch some nearby surf. It’s powerful hollow waves are ideal for experienced surfers to have some fun and perfect their technique!

    Belhaven Bay – Scotland

    If you’re in the north of the country then Belhaven Bay may be perfect for you. Belhaven Bay is located in East Lothian in Scotland and is a beautiful extensive beach within John Muir Country Park. With the waves not being as strong as other beaches, Belhaven Bay is a good stop for beginner surfers.


    Belhaven Bay is only a 25 minute drive from our Seton Sands Holiday Village

    Cromer – Norfolk

    It’s not just the well-known south-west coast of England that is good for surfing, the east coast of England definitely gives it a run for its money! Cromer in East Anglia has a quite exposed beach/pier break with a reasonably consistent surf. The Surf can tend to be flat in summer, but the North Sea stays fairly warm until November meaning you can still catch a surf late into the year!

    Have you been surfing at any of these locations before? Or do you know of any other good surf spots in the UK? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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