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    How To Take The Best Holiday Snap

    Although we may not like to admit it, we all know we love it when we get a lot of likes on Facebook or Instagram when we upload our latest snaps. We’ve come up with these 8 top tips when taking your holiday pictures to ensure they get the best reactions possible from all your friends and family. So why not have a look and test them out? You never know your likes could break records!

    1. Get up Early

    early morning

    Stripped of all your responsibilities, holidays are a time to sit-back and relax… but if you want the best holiday snap getting up early is key! The sun isn’t high early in the morning which means you avoid the shadowed gauze most midday pictures are cursed with; however, still it’s high enough so you get a strong warm picture. An early rise also means avoiding lots of people who will inevitably ruin your photo!

    2. Always be on the lookout for a prime picture time

    capture moment

    Whether it’s to catch the moment a seagull stole your son’s chip, or to capture your daughters first width of the swimming pool (no armbands of course), you never know when the perfect picture will be lurking around the corner so always be ready! This will also help in capturing organic photos, getting the true reaction to something always makes for a better snap.

    3. Be careful about lighting

    bad lighting

    The worst thing that can happen when taking a snap, besides leaving the lens cap on, is to take a great picture but you cannot see anything. Whether you were facing the sun making it impossible to see anything or you had your back to the sun and your whole family are squinting. Lighting is everything.

    4. Get your subject to fill the frame and focus on where it is placed.


    It is suggested that the best way to really WOW an audience (or your Facebook friends) is to make your subject impossible to miss by making it fill the frame. It is also essential to think about the actual composition of the photo, having an off-centred subject creates a more interesting image. If you have two elements why not have the minor element a little unfocused? This will add depth to the photo.

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    5. Group photos: take a lot!

    picture g

    Getting everyone in a group to smile/look at the camera/not have their eyes shut all at the same time is extremely difficult, taking only one or two pictures makes getting this squad picture even more painful! Take a large amount of photos when shooting groups and your odds of getting a frame worthy one will go up! However, watch out for loss of morale and try and keep the positive energy up, it’s amazing how bored someone can get whilst standing for a photograph.

    6. Make the picture interesting



    Find abstract moments that don’t conform to the standard holiday picture, that means no hot dog legs! Why not take a family picture in the reflection of your sunglasses? Or look at the perspective, why not pretend to pick someone up? Make it fun, get creative as possible! Everyone likes to see a picture that they wouldn’t have thought of doing so think outside of the box.

    7. The Rule of Thirds 


    When taking a photo, imagine splitting the image up into thirds – both vertically and horizontally so that it gives you 9 parts. The thing to do is place the points of interest of the photograph along the intersections you’ve created, as this is where viewers eyes will naturally go rather than the middle of the photo. Having the focus of the image off to the side or near the top or bottom of the photo will make it more interesting.

    8. Find the perfect filter


    Valencia? X-Pro? Lo-Fi? Inkwell? What do all these words mean!?

    If you find yourself asking this question then you know you haven’t achieved the best holiday snap. Want to make your next door neighbours jealous whilst on holiday but the sky just isn’t blue enough? Add a filter and voile, the brightest sky you have ever seen. But that’s not all filters can be used for, they can transform the shadows and highlights making images more interesting and creative!

    Why not try out these new holiday snap tips on your next Haven holiday?