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    Take Your Camping to the Next Level in a Yurt

    I’ve always loved to camp. When the kids were younger, we would pack up all the gear and take them out to one of our favourite campsites. They would run around in the sunshine, on the beach or outside of the tent, before falling asleep in the natural, outdoor air. Those were the days. 

    I’m not sure what it is I adore so much about camping. I love sleeping out in the natural air, I love opening up the tent and immediately being outside, and listening to the sounds of the world as it gently sways me to sleep. Perfect.And now, even though the kids are grown up, they use the camping skills I taught them for festivals and traveling. My husband and I still love to camp, although we recently decided to treat ourselves to a bit more of a luxurious option. We went to Haven on a Yurt Holiday. Yurts are available at our Perran Sands Resort, find our more here.

    Living the Good Life

    For many years, we’d had a fantastic time on our family camping holiday in bog-standard tents, but I thought I might try something new and unusual.  I wanted something that felt like a treat, a holiday home that would make me feel special, almost like a celebrity (which I am at Haven of course!)

    Glamping has been made popular by the likes of Coleen Rooney and Kate Moss, who attend festivals but don’t quite fancy rolling around knee deep in the mud and queuing up for the port-a-loos with the rest of us. They choose something a little bit more sophisticated, and one of those options is a Yurt. If you want to stay at one with nature, but to have a little bit of glamour I think that Haven hit the nail right on the head with their Yurts.
    But what is a Yurt I hear you ask? A Yurt is basically a tent, but it is also so much more. It is like a huge tepee, with spacious inner chambers and an interior design that would be home in a trendy London café. Perfect for a glamorous camper.

    Yurts outside

    Why Choose a Yurt?

    Here are just a few of the interior features that the Haven Yurts contain:

    • They come with a fully equipped double burner cooker with a grill. Now that’s really one step up from the traditional disposable BBQ that most campers have.
    • All utensils are provided including cutlery pots, pans, plates, cups and oven trays are all left for you to use freely in your Yurt.
    • One main problem with camping is where to leave your food to keep it fresh and cool. Ice boxes are great, but start to melt after only a couple of hours. In a normal tent, there is simply nowhere to keep any food fresh for your family. That is another issue that is solved by the mighty Yurt – they have a fridge installed, perfect for keeping ice cream for a hot day, and burgers for the BBQ.
    • Each living room has a main pod and one or more bedroom pods, depending on the size you pick.
    • The main pod has a double futon and two single futons, so you can sit and chill out with a nice cup of tea or a book.
    • Venture outside and there is a BBQ area with a picnic table. All of Haven’s Yurts are also situated within walking distance of the toilet area and of the hot showers.
    • Can’t be bothered crawling around on your hands and knees to try and find an item, or hate struggling to find anything because of the lack of light? Yurts have got you covered as ours have a fully connected utility system that includes electricity and light.
    •  One of the main attractions to a Yurt is that they certainly fare well in bad weather. Yurts are extremely  weather hardy, great in the wind and also maintain an optimum temperature all year round.

    INside a yurt

    So Much More than a Tent

    Yurts take all of the effort out of camping, and they add so much to the experience. After a long day of hiking or swimming at the beach, it is perfect to come back to a place that is spacious, dry, and comfortable. How many tents can say that?

    Perfect for families and couples alike, they are absolutely guaranteed to give you the best holiday of your life. It’s camping – but in style! So tap into your superstar status and come try out a Yurt at Perran Sands. They are perfect for people that really enjoy camping and the great outdoors, but perhaps wants to treat themselves to something a little more elite than a tent.

    Have you ever been Glamping before? Let us know in the comments below!