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    What do our Owner Services team love most about their parks?

    Seeing as it is Valentines Day, we thought it would great to share with you what our Owner Services team, such as Owner Events Managers and Owner Events Co-ordinators, at your parks love about their park and the owners! I wonder what they had to say….

    Cala Gran– Hazel Larner, Owners Events Co-ordinator

    “The sea, the sun, the sand and the surf,
    The views, the dunes, the cliffs and the turf,
    The peace, the calm, the rest and the play,
    The delights and the pleasure of getting away,
    The dates, the location, the venue and the place,
    The packing and the lugging of over pack suitcase,
    All of these things make me really smile,
    Because I know I have the best job by a mile.”

    Allhallows – Matthew Wyatt, Owners Events Co-ordinator

    “I have worked for Bourne Leisure since 2006 and seen 7 parks but Allhallows has been my favourite so far. It’s all about the people you work with and working with the owners and having this loving community we have and making our owners have lots of memories to share.”


    Lakeland– Sharon Whitehouse, Assistant General Manager

    “What I love about Lakeland Leisure Park is the green space and fresh air that we have here in abundance to relax and revive. The location is special too as we are surrounded by quaint villages and some spectacular scenery. This place makes me feel alive!”

    Combe Haven – Lyndsey Daniels, Owners Events Co-ordinator

    “I love spending time with the Owners here on park at many parties and events. I love the fact that there is a great community feel within our Owners who plan to do lots of things together on and off park. Most of all I love feeling part of one big family with our lovely Owners.”

    combe haven

    Church Farm – Mark Turner, Owners Events Co-ordinator

    “Church Farm is such a special place. At the heart of it is the amazing lagoon and precious Pagham Beach! When the sun is shinning there is nothing better than heading to the golf course for a round of golf, getting active on the multi courts or bowls green, a dip in the outdoor pool or just making the most of the natural surroundings! We absolutely love our little slice of paradise!”

    Combe Haven – Karolina Osajda, Owner Events Manager

    “It is all about the warm & friendly people here at Combe Haven. I only have been here 12 months but already feel like the part of the family.”

    Lydstep Beach – Cherry Barnett, Owners Events Co-ordinator

    “It is hard to explain why you fall in love with Lydstep, so I’m hoping the pictures help. When the sun is warming you and you’re surrounded by one of the most beautiful natural national trust bays, looking out at the beach and beyond to the blue sea, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. On top of that you have such a welcoming and friendly community at the park that you won’t ever want to leave!”

    lydstep beach use

    Littlesea – Julie Castle, Owners Events Manager

    “Having only recently moved to Littlesea I have fallen in love with the park.  It is in a beautiful part of the world, scenic views and gorgeous cliff top walks accessible from the park.  Everyone here is so friendly, both owners and team alike and I hope to be here for some considerable time.”

    Craig Tara – Neil Angus, Owners Event Co-ordinator

    “I love Craig Tara because of its wonderful views of the Isle of Arran, the fun we have as a team and of course, getting to know all of our owners. These are what makes it a pleasures to be part of the park. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle and everyday is always different!”

    Doniford Bay – Kim Trust, Owners Events Co-ordinator 

    “The area is wonderful where ever you go Watchet, Minehead, Porlock there is always somewhere to go. The park is like a small community everyone is so friendly, where ever you walk on site there are views of plenty. Stunning walks along the Quantocks or a dip in the sea Doniford bay is the place to be!”

    doniford bay


    What do you love most about your park? Do you have a personal favourite owner event that you will never forget? Are you looking to become an owner? Let us know in the comments below!