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    The tennis match bigger than Wimbledon…Ned vs Polly

    It’s that time of year again when you break out the strawberries and cream and don your best white attire – yes that’s right Wimbledon is back!

    The Seaside Squad have been getting very excited for this year’s tournament and they’re hoping Andy Murray is fully over his injury and can win for the third time.

    They’ve been getting ready in slightly different ways…

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    Ned and Polly love Wimbledon so much they decided to go head-to-head in another of our Challenge Haven competitions.

    Joining Ned for the doubles match was Johnny, from the blue team, and giving Polly some help was the yellow team’s Helen.

    Who do you think makes it game, set and match?

    Will you be watching Wimbledon this year? Have you played on any of the tennis courts on our parks? Let us know in the comments section below!