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    The A – Z of Haven Holidays

    Whether you’ve been on holiday with us before or it’ll be your first time, you may not know all the great things and activities Haven has to offer! We’ve put together an A – Z guide of a few key things you can do whilst you’re on holiday with us, so check out our Haven Alphabet below.

    The A – Z of Haven Holidays

    Adventure When on park, it’s all about trying out new things and having your own personal adventure. We have so many activities to experience and scenery to explore!

    BeachesOne of the great things about our Haven parks is our beaches. We have such a selection to choose from, with our sandy shores to our rocky bays, or if you want to travel outside of the park there are plenty of beaches around the local area!

    CaravansOur caravans are what we’re known for here at Haven. From our Standard to Platinum caravans, you’ll find the perfect holiday home waiting for you.

    DogsIf you’re looking to book a holiday but you don’t want to leave your four-legged companion at home, at Haven you don’t have to. We know dogs are a big part of the family, which is why we have dog friendly holidays available at 33 of our parks so your beloved canine doesn’t have to miss out on all the fun.

    EntertainmentIt’s all about having fun when you come and visit our parks. Head out on park and go and see our evening entertainment which feature our lovely FunStars and Theatre Company!

    FunStarsThe character and energy that comes from our FunStars is what drives our positive Haven community. Our FunStars are on park to bring entertainment to your holiday, from daytime entertainment, to performing in the evening shows. They’re also best mates with the Seaside Squad, so be sure to ask them about any activities involving Rory and friends!

    Glamping Glamping is Haven’s way of camping in style! It’s all about bringing a more glamorous feel to a camping holiday, so all you have to do is turn up, unpack and enjoy the great outdoors – all without sacrificing any of the luxuries you’d expect from a traditional camping holiday. Find out more about our glamping accommodation, which is located on 5 of our parks.

    Home from homeIf you crave holidays by the Great British coast and you find you’re spending all your time at our park, you can make a Haven caravan a home from home. Become an owner and settle into your own holiday home, which you can visit anytime between March and November, and use our Owners benefits, which include private access to the Owners Lounge, privilege card discount and exclusive Owners Events.

    Incredible OffersWe know you want to have the best holiday experience possible without breaking the bank… so here at Haven we do our best to give you great offers when staying at our parks. Keep your eyes peeled on our offers page, you might find an incredible offer that’s too good to miss.

    JourneyIt’s likely that wherever you live in the UK, your journey shouldn’t stretch too far from a Haven Park. On average, you should be under 2 hours away from your nearest park. Don’t believe us? Check out our Location Finder on our blog homepage and see where your closest park lies.

    KidsThe heart and soul of Haven is run by the creative and inquisitive minds of the kids who visit us. Our Seaside Squad love meeting the kids who visit our parks, whether they be shy new faces or our returning members in the Haven community.

    LodgesFeel like adding a little bit of luxury to your stay? Why not check out our wonderful Lodges that we have on seven of our parks. Our Lodges are guaranteed to provide that extra touch to really make your holiday feel special.

    Mash and BarrelOur Mash and Barrel is the popular local hub for food and drink on park. Our restaurant is featured on most of our parks, so wherever you go, our reliable Mash and Barrel will always be there to welcome you.

    Nature RockzNature Rockz give you the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and learn amazing new skills! Our outdoor activities encourage you to become an inquisitive explorer all within a safe and relaxed environment. With activities which involve Rock Pooling, building a Survival Shelter and Firelighting, you’ll come out feeling like a proper explorer!

    Out-and-aboutWhen going on a Haven holiday, we find that it’s not just the parks that make your holiday, but the location too. Venture out-and-about and explore the stunning scenery along the Great British coastline.

    PoolsOur pools aren’t just a great place to swim, they’re also home to loads of fun activities to keep your kids entertained throughout your stay with us. From AquaJets to Pool Parties, we’ve got all sorts of action on the water.

    Quality TimeOur parks are a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban and city life and reconnect with your family. Spend some quality time together, and take a deep breath of the crisp, fresh sea air.

    RNLIWe’ve recently partnered with The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) to help save lives at sea! Both organisations are part of the fabric of British Holidays and trips to the coast, which means they are perfectly placed to share vital water safety messages.

    Seaside SquadThe Seaside Squad are an amazing team who bring fun and excitement to our Haven Parks. We have Rory the Tiger, Bradley Bear, Anxious the Elephant, Greedy the Gorilla, DJ Ned and Polly the Lifeguard. If you want to find out more about our Squad, pop on over to our blog post and see what they get up to here at Haven!

    Touring and CampingWe have 22 parks offering touring and camping facilities. Maybe you’re planning some escapes in your tourer, motorhome or trailer tent, or do you want somewhere scenic to pitch your tent whilst you explore the great outdoors? Whatever you’re after from your touring and camping holiday, we’re certain that you’ll find all you need for a memorable seaside break. 

    Unforgettable MemoriesHere at Haven, we want you to have the best time, with unforgettable memories to look back on. So whether it’s beating Grandad at a board game, or learning a new skill for the first time in our sports and leisure activities, we strive towards making your time at Haven that extra bit special.

    ViewsNot to brag, but the views at our Haven parks are breathtaking. There’s so much stunning scenery along our great British coast, and we are grateful to be looking out across these beautiful views.

    Water sportsOur water activities aren’t limited to the pool- if you want to try something really exciting we’ve got some thrilling water sports you can try on our lakes or out on the open sea! Don’t forget to sign up for one of our water sports activities where you can have a go at everything from paddle boarding to surfing. So what are you waiting for? Pack your swimming costumes and prepare to get wet!

    X Marks the SpotHead down to the beach and build an impressive sandcastle or dig up buried treasure… but don’t forget to find X… as X marks the spot! Share your impressive sand creations through to our hashtag #MyHavenDays.

    YurtsAttractive and packed full of home comforts, our rounded, wooden yurts make an unforgettable place to enjoy your holiday. Our yurts are exclusive to Perran Sands Holiday Park, and offer the ultimate glamping experience.

    Zip wiresStrap into your harness and get ready for an exhilarating ride above our park as you fly down a zip wire with speeds that take your breath away in our Aerial Adventure activity! 

    Phew! There’s so much to see and do at our Haven parks… and that’s only 26 ideas! Do you think there’s an activity or feature that needs to be added? Let us know in the comment section below!