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    The Benefits of Wild Garlic

    If you’re near to Lydstep Beach have a look out for wild garlic that habitat in the area. We all know that garlic can be used as a great flavouring for food, but did you also know that it can even be used as a medicine? Read below to find out more about where to find wild garlic and how it can be used…

    Where can I find it?

    Go for a hunt through woodland areas as this is where Garlic can usually be found. Look out for Garlic in any shaded or damp areas as this is the perfect place for garlic to grow. Underneath trees where the soil is moist is a hotspot for finding garlic. Garlic also likes to grow in slightly acidic conditions. Garlic can be found from as early as January, with flowers appearing from mid spring.

    How to tell if it is garlic or not?

    Just give the plant a smell! It smells so strongly of garlic you will know right away whether it is the garlic plant or not! If you find any similar looking plants without this strong characteristic smell then best to avoid it, only pick it if you’re sure.



    What parts can I eat?

    The edible parts of the plant include the leaves and the bulbs. Chop them up and add them to your favourite dishes to add an extra taste.

    What recipes can I try?

    • Salad- Chop garlic leaves up finely and add them into a salad! Fed up of the same boring salad each time? Give it an extra kick with some garlic flavouring.
    • Cheese on Toast – add finely chopped leaves to cheese on toast to bring a bit of difference to your lunch time.
    • New Potatoes – add chopped leaves to some freshly boiled new potatoes, add a little butter, olive oil and sprinkle a little freshly ground pepper to create the perfect spuds.

    Wild Garlic can also be boiled as a vegetable or added to a soup.

    How can it be used as a medicine?

    Suffering with a horrible cough or cold? Garlic has been known to be really good for easing the symptoms of coughs and colds so don’t let feeling a bit under the weather ruin your weekend! Juice from garlic can also be used for cleaning cuts. If you’re out and about and the little one takes a fall, garlic juice can be a good substitute for cleaning a cut whilst you’re still outside.

    Have you spotted any garlic around Lydstep? Lets us know where and what you have used it for in the comment section below!