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    The Best Board Games To Play With Grandkids

    Having a relaxed Sunday? Looking for a great board game to play? Well, we’ve got the solution! If you’ve got the family down to visit you at your holiday home, gather them around to play some of these absolutely excellent board games!

    For very young children

    Think you’ve got what it takes to take on your grandchildren, well watch out, these games well and truly level the playing field!

    Candy Land

    Age 3+

    Tear yourself away from Candy Crush to play Candy Land, a classic board game with a sweets theme. There are no cards or numbers to read, so even the youngest children can play.

    canday land


    Three Little Pigs

    Age 3-6

    Can you build houses from straw, sticks or bricks before the wolf arrives to blow them away? A great game of chance based on the popular story, with real little houses to build. Buy it here.

    three little pigs


    The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

    Age 3-7

    Help the squirrel collect acorns in this beautifully designed game with the funny name. It comes in a tree-shaped box with special logs, a squirrel figure and acorns. Buy it here.



    Spooky Steps

    Age 4+

    Creep through a spooky house to find the cauldron and break the witch’s spell. Sounds scary, but this game is heaps of fun and helps teach counting skills. Buy it here.

    spooky steps


    For children at primary school

    Fun, silly, frustrating, joyful, competitive…These games have all the elements of a great afternoon!

    Screwball Scramble

    Age 5+

    An obstacle course stands in between you and success! This classic game is loved by kids who like pressing buttons (so, that’s probably every child, ever). Buy it here.

    screwball scramble


    Don’t Say It

    Age 6+

    A slip of the tongue can cost you the game in Don’t Say It, a deceptively simple word game. There are different levels of difficulty, so it’s a level playing field! Buy it here.

    dont say it



    Age 6+

    Ditch the dominoes and discover Qwirkle. It’s an easy game to learn – all you need to do is put down wooden tiles with coloured shapes on them… But you’ll have to think cleverly to score the most points. Buy it here.



    Beat The Parents

    Age 6+

    It’s children vs. grown-ups (yes, that means you, grandparents!) The kids have to answer the adult questions, and the adults have to answer the kids questions. Not as easy as it looks. Buy it here.

    beat the parents


    For those who think they are seven going on seventeen!

    If they’re beating you at Qwirkle, time to move on to one of these…


    Age 7+

    The first thing that’s bananas about this game is that there’s no board, and the second is it comes in a banana-shaped case. Like a faster, more frantic Scrabble or Boggle, where everyone is playing at once! Buy it here.



    Camel Up

    Age 8+

    This Game of the Year winner is humps of fun. It’s a topsy-turvy camel race where camels stack up, pyramids turn upside down, and outrageous gambles are taken. Buy it here.

    camel up



    Age 8+

    Collect treasures from the labyrinth, but look out – the walls move! Can you find the shortest possible route through before an opponent blocks you? Buy it here.



    Game of Life

    Age 8+

    The classic game of choice and chance is now updated, and includes rewards for good deeds such as recycling. Time to give it another spin! Buy it here.

    game of life


    The Settlers of Catan

    Age 10+

    All the players are settlers on an island, where the map is different every time you play. You’ll have to compete with everyone else for land and resources. A deservedly best selling game – in fact, we’d call it a winner! Buy it here.

    settlers of catan



    What’s your favourite board game? Have you played any of the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below!