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    The Future of Caravans: ABI Concept

    This is the first part of a two part look at the future of caravans. I was lucky enough to go inside a caravan designed by ABI Holiday Homes called the ABI Concept and it really does show that the future of caravans is full of potential. With everything from movable walls to a home cinema you have everything at your fingertips. Let’s have a look to find out more!

    Ribbet collage5

    (Source: ABI Holiday Homes)

    ABI have said that the main theme of the ‘Concept Van’ was ‘the utilisation of space, inspired by Japanese space-saving design.’ The result of this inspiration has created a caravan with the ability to hold 9 guests. The way this is possible is through designs such as an extendable dining table, drop down cinema screen, walls that move with effortless ease, triple bunk beds and a whole array of fantastic space saving ideas. This truly is the future of caravans!

    This wall magically turns into a comfortable double bed.

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    (Source: ABI Holiday Homes)


    Look at all the spacing saving ideas that the future holds. This table extends to seat 10 and then retracts to fit into a regular size cupboard.

    Ribbet collage 4

    (Source: ABI Holiday Homes)


    The bedroom walls move at the click of button. This means that you can fully utilise all the living space throughout the day and at night time make the most of the sleeping areas. With the interior being very compact this makes for the perfect multi-functional space!

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    (Source: ABI Holiday Homes)


    Which of these concepts do you like the best? Have you got any space saving tips that you use in your holiday home? Let us know by leaving a comment below!