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    The UK’s Cutest Puppy – chosen by you!

    Did you know that Haven are giving the UK’s Cutest Puppy a Holiday? We’ve teamed up with the Qtsy app to sponsor their latest and biggest show to date, The Great British Pet Show.

    The Qtsy app gives you access to a mini pet show in your pocket, spending your evening scrolling through feeds of human faces can get a little boring, with the Qtsy app you can spend that time scrolling through pictures of adorable pets instead. And what’s more you can vote for the ones that make you go ‘awww’, the ones that make you go ‘wow’ and even the ones that make you giggle at the bus stop in front of a group of hard faced strangers.

    When you’re done getting used to the app of course you can turn to your own furry friend and embark on a mission to make them famous too. With prizes for the winners of each category, they can finally start paying you back for all that food they’ve been eating.



    So give it a go, download the Qtsy app here: and be sure to vote for the UKs Cutest Puppy, we’re giving away two £50 discount vouchers to the runners up and the winner will be bounding down the beach with the sea-breeze blowing through their glorious mane, with their Cute Puppy by their side.

    Did you know your pooch can enjoy a Haven Holiday as well? We have a choice of 32 parks that would love to have your furry friend come for a visit.We know it won’t take much convincing to let your best pal join in the fun but here’s 5 reasons for bringing your dog on holiday.