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    The Ultimate Seaside Drinks Guide: Scotland & Northumberland

    Welcome to the third installment of The Ultimate Seaside Drinks Guide! This series of guides will take you around the Great British coast celebrating the fantastic breweries, vineyards, cider farms and tasty whisky locations that make Britain the perfect place to enjoy a drink.

    What do you think of when you think of the Scotland and Northumberland? Well of course there are rolling highlands, an array of Whisky distilleries, picturesque coastline and not forgetting the stunning Holy Island! Looking to find out more? Then take a look at our drinks guide below…


    Owning a holiday home at in Scotland or Northumberland gives you and your family the freedom to getaway to your own piece of the stunning British coast. With a friendly and welcoming community on park, you can enjoy exclusive entertainment and parties along with superb facilities.

    Interested in becoming a holiday home owner? We have four parks in this area Craig Tara, Seton Sands, Berwick and Haggerston Castle.