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    Things you didn’t know about the UK coastline

    We all know that everybody loves being by the seaside, but thanks to Haven’s new partnership with Guinness World Records we can tell you some things you might not already know about the UK coastline!

    The British coast line is 7,723 miles long


    Guinness World Records recognises Canada with the longest coast line with 151,489 miles (including islands) and the shortest is Monaco with 3.5 miles.

    Longest walk mainland UK

    Vera Andrews covered a total distance of 11,777km (7,318miles) on the British mainland (England, Scotland and Wales) between January 2 and December 24, 1990. She started and finished at her home town of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England.

    Fastest unsupported row around the British mainland (pair)

    The fastest row around the British mainland by a team of two is 41 days 4 hr 38 min and was set by Jason McKinlay and Josh Tarr (both UK) who departed from Tower Bridge, London, UK, on 1 June, rowed clockwise around the mainland and crossed the finishing line back at Tower Bridge, London, UK, on 12 July 2013.

    Oldest woman to row around the British mainland

    The oldest woman to row around the British mainland is Angela Madsen (USA, b. 10 May 1960), who was 50 years 21 days old at the start of her row in all-female team of four, from London Bridge to London Bridge, which lasted for 51 days 16 hr 42 min between 1 June and 23 July 2010 on board Go Commando.

    Do you hold a Guinness World Records title? Do you have any interesting facts about the UK coast? Let us know in the comment section below!