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    Things to do by the coast on Mother’s Day

    What can you get up to with your Mum by the coast?

    Mum… She’s a superhero isn’t she? She deserves the best this Mother’s Day, so why not go the extra mile and spend some time popping together your latest artistic creation or take her out for the afternoon? We’ve put together some tips and ideas that could make her day extra special, and to give you some inspiration of what to do next time you’re at one of our parks or by the British Coastline.

    Breakfast in Bed

    Whether it be a Full English, egg and soldiers or just the dependable cup of tea, everyone loves a little breakfast surprise when they wake up in the morning. If you want to give your Mum something a little extra to go with her breakfast in bed, we recommend a small jar of flowers… You can’t go wrong with flowers!

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    Heading out to the Coast

    Phew! Now that breakfast is finished, it’s time to head out and about. There’s a lot that you can do with your Mum by the coast, like walking along the promenade, visiting a local pier to play at the arcade, or just to grab an ice cream.

    Piers to visit in the UK

    • Brighton
    • Clacton-On-Sea
    • Blackpool
    • Weymouth
    • Burnham-On-Sea
    • Swanage
    • Weston-Super-Mare
    • Southend-On-Sea
    • Llandudno

    Seaside Fish and Chips

    When heading to the coast, a great tradition in the UK is going for lunch at the chippie (that’s the local Fish and Chip shop by the seaside). Take mum for a chip buttie or a battered cod – it’s treat day!

    A Picnic at the Beach

    Staying at one of our Haven parks? Why don’t you head down to the beach and take Mum for a picnic? Take a warm, cosy blanket, a flask of hot chocolate and some tasty treats and you and Mum can spend your afternoon counting how many Seagulls take an interest to you (be warned – they’ll want your food, especially if you’ve bought some salted chips with you).

    Beach Activities

    Is your Mum sporty? Challenge her to a game of Volleyball or Beach Cricket, or see how high you can fly a kite together. Some of our coastlines can get a little breezy, so launching a kite into the crisp air shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. If you and Mum would rather take a stroll along the shore, we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for seashells. There are many along our coastline, especially along our sandy beaches. You can get crafty by glueing the shells you collected to a vase or jar… you could gift it to Mum as a memory of your day at the beach!

    Get Crafty

    Sometimes a handmade project – like clay making or painting a picture – can be a more touching gift than spending your pocket money in the shops. Making Mum a card can be a really special gift, as it can show your creative side along with a personal message to your Superstar Mum. Or, if you’re staying at one of our Haven parks, you can craft a creative present with a range of our activities, from Leaf and Pebble Art to Flower Pots.

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    Of course, there are plenty of other things that you can treat your Mum to on Mother’s Day, but these are just some of our top highlights for how to make Mother’s Day by the coast a little more fun.

    What are you doing this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the Comment Section below, we love to hear what you get up to!