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    Thorpe Park’s Cracking Egg Race

    We met up with our friends from the Seaside Squad to take part in an epic Easter egg rolling competition at our wonderful park in Cleethorpes Thorpe Park. It really was a cracking day! 

    The Challenge: 

    Each contestant was given a giant Easter egg with the challenge to roll it down our swirly space bowl the fastest, and beat the other contestants!

    And here are our contestants:

    Name – Rory
    Body Type – Tiger
    Style of throwing – Cool and laid back
    Likes – Surfing and hanging out with his friends

    Name – Anxious
    Body Type – Elephant
    Style – Happy and go-Lucky
    Likes – Making other people happy and pink sparkly things!

    Name – Greedy
    Body Type – Gorilla
    Style – Cheeky but controlled
    Likes – Food of course!

    Name – Bradley
    Body Type – Bear
    Style – Safe and slightly slow
    Likes – Getting outdoors and maybe a nap or two

    Name – Polly
    Body Type – Life Guard
    Style – Sporty with a hint of Diva
    Likes – Swimming and anything sporty!

    Name – Ned
    Body Type – DJ
    Style – Energetic
    Likes – Music and partying

    There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition, and it really was an eggcelent race! Each contestant used their own unique technique, it was a tight race and everyone’s in it to win it! Put all your eggs in one basket and take a vote in our poll that opens this Thursday! Who will you be backing?

    Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to vote! We hope you are as eggcited as we are! 

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