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    Three of the best walks in New Quay

    With historic trails, coastal paths and over 10 sandy beaches in the area, it’s not easy to pick a walking route in New Quay, South Wales … but we’ve done our best in the following list.

    Ceredigion Coast Path

    This is a huge trail that’s amazing for families, couples, and dog-walkers. But it’s best tackled one section at a time. The New Quay part covers about 16 miles in total, stretching from Llangrannogthrough toAberaeron.

    With hidden beaches along the way and a waterfall to discover at AfonDrywi – it’s one of the most spectacular parts of the entire Coast Path. When the tide’s out, you can get your toes in the sand at Traeth Gwyn beach as you walk towards Llanina. Just take a look at the tide times before heading out.

    It’s a moderately difficult walk – I’d definitely take some solid footwear for the steep climbs/descents at the beaches. And a camera just in case you spot any rare birds.

    Ceredigion Coast

    Ceredigion Coast Path ( source

    The New Quay Circular Cliff Walk

    Take a stroll from the heart of New Quay along Lewis Terrace, which will lead you to a fairly steep footpath into the cliffs. Take it easy as you climb to the top and watch your step once you’re up there (the path flirts with the edge of the cliff at times).

    If the hike hasn’t took your breath away by the time you reach the top, then the view might just do it.

    If you’re trekking with little ones or the dog, then you might want to just turn and head back to New Quay for a nice family lunch, job done. Or you can keep going to reach the Coast Guard Station – one of the best spots for getting some holiday snaps (if you’re lucky, you might even see a couple of dolphins showing off in the bay from here).

    Beyond the lookout point, there are even more walking options, one of which is the circular route that completes the trail (that’s the best one to take unless you’re looking to be out all day).

    New Quay Circular cliff walk (source

    New Quay Circular cliff walk (source

    The Dylan Thomas Trail

    Dylan Thomas lived in New Quay with his wife, Caitlin, during the final years of World War II. He liked a good beer, and visited a plenty of pubs in his time on the Welsh coast. His favourite, The Black Lion, is still going today and was named by our Entertainments Manager at Quay West as one of the best places to eat in New Quay

    The main route starts in Llan-non and finishes at the beach around the corner from Quay West.

    But even just the New Quay portion of the trail is a lovely walk.

    It starts at the New Quay Tourist office and zigzags between a handful of local buildings that played a key part in those later years of Thomas’ life – and his radio drama, Under the Milk Wood. If you set off about 11:00am and take it slow, you can time it so you reach The Black Lion for lunch (Thomas would be proud).

    Dylan Thomas walk (source

    Dylan Thomas walk (source

    If you know any more, please share your favourite routes in the comments or Tweet us a photo of the views @haven.