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    Three last minute Halloween costumes!

    If Halloween has crept up on you and you don’t seem to have a costume, don’t be scared Haven have some last minute solutions! 

    1. Witches dress

    You can not beat a bin bag costume and that is a fact. A bin bag is such a versatile thing and can be much more than appears on the surface.
    We’ve got bin bags with tie handles which is perfect for a one size fit’s all.
    Open up the bin bag and add a zig-zag hem.
    You can get the kids to help by drawing on some stars and moons for the perfect witches entire!




    2.Dracula’s cape

    Here’s one for the boys! Get the trusty bin bag again and cut the seams so it’s one long piece.
    Then get a piece of cardboard big enough to make a collar.
    Lay it at the top of the bin bag and fold the bin bag over the cardboard.
    Thread some string through the collar to tie at the front and there you go!




    3. If all else fails….


    404 costume

    Happy Halloween from Haven! Tweet us your costumes @Haven or share them with us in the comments below!