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    Three mouth-watering ice-cream sundae recipes!

    Come on Sun where are you? Even though it’s nearly the summer holidays, our dear friend The Sun has yet to turn up to the party and we have so many delicious summer treats to share with you.
    But we had a think about it and thought maybe by sharing all these amazing recipes, it might encourage the warm weather…maybe…And nothing says summer more than ice-cream sundae and we know three characters who would definitely agree with us. We asked Greedy the Gorilla, Anxious the Elephant and Polly to share with us there Ice-cream delights!

     Anxious’ favourite – A Knickerbocker Glory

    Anixous is quite traditional at heart so it would make sense that her favourite cool treat is the classic British dessert that is guaranteed to cool you down and make your taste buds tingle – A knickerbock Glory. Although this treat looks great and tastes even better, they are surprisingly easy to make.

    You will need: Chopped fruit, vanilla ice cream, peach syrup, whipped cream, wafers and a maraschino cherry for the top.
    1. Place your chopped fruit in the bottom of the glass. Try to get a nice variety of berries, apples and bananas.
    2. Add a generous amount of ice cream. Vanilla is traditional, but you can choose any flavour you want.
    3. Pour a dash of peach syrup over the contents.
    4. Top it all with whipped cream and pop a cherry on top.
    5. Add a wafer if you like.
    A little something for you and your family to enjoy!

    Anxious picking out here favourite flavors of Ice-Cream for her Knickerbocker Glory

    Anxious picking out here favourite flavors of Ice-Cream for her Knickerbocker Glory!

    Greedy’s Favourite – Hot Fudge Sundae

    ‘You don’t get this figure from dieting’ Greedy tells us. Greedy firmly belives that if you are going for a dessert there is not point in counting the calories. A popular American treat, the hot fudge sundae tastes like heaven on a spoon. Created and tested by our neighbours from across the pond.
    You will need: A stick of butter, chocolate chips, a can of condensed milk, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream.
    1. Heat the butter in a pan until it melts completely, and then add the chocolate chips.
    2. Add the condensed milk and simmer.
    3. Put two scoops of chocolate ice cream and two scoops of vanilla.
    4. Top it all off with the melted chocolate sauce, add some extra chocolate chips for good measure.
    This is one of the most popular sundaes in all of the USA. Make it and find out why – just make sure you supervise the kids whilst cooking this one.

    Rory decided to skip all the hard work and just visit the Ice-Cream man!

    Rory decided to skip all the hard work and just visit the Ice-Cream man!

    Polly’s Favourite – Summer Fruit Sundae

    As Polly is the lifeguard around park she knows how important it is to be healthy. Nothing says summer like a fresh tasting, fruity ice cream sundae. Now you can enjoy your favourite desert quick and easily, without feeling guilty!

    You will need: 1 cub of strawberries, 1 cup of raspberries, a tea spoon of lemon juice (you can add additional sugar if it is too sour), nuts and vanilla ice cream.
    1. Put the fruit and lemon juice into a blender, and remember to save a couple for garnish.
    2. Scoop out the ice cream and place it in the bottom of the glass.
    3. Lightly drizzle the fruit juice over the ice cream.
    4. And optional step: use the nuts to add an extra healthy kick to the dish.

    Like always we’d love to know your favourite summertime recipes, let us know in the comments below!