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    Three of the best restaurants in Blackpool (and where to go for the biggest Naan bread!)

    Where are the best restaurants in Blackpool?

    When I offered the Blackpool team the chance to give me some ideas on the best places to eat in the area, they nearly bit my hand off! So I knew either these restaurants had to be good, or they were very hungry…

    San Marcos

    Distance from Marton Mere:(3.2 miles)12 min drive
    TripAdvisor rating:4 stars
    Food: Italian
    Prices: £6.55 to £18.50

    San Marco’s is an authentic Italian restaurant  live entertainment on  four days a week. The owner, Lucia, is very passionate Italian mother… and is very much part of the reason people can’t keep away.

    She’s got a delightful array of Venetian Cicchetti dishes coming to the restaurant soon but her favourite dish on the menu is the ‘rich, creamy and really tasty spaghetti carbonara’ (which is £8.00).

    Good food and entertainment runs in her family, her grandparents owned forty ice-cream stands. Her dad’s a singer and her mum’s a professional ice-skater,who opened up a coffee bar in the sixties, where she told The Beatles: “come back when you get a haircut!”

    Lucia herself was a professional singer and dancer. She runs the restaurant with her daughter Cinzia Lanza, who is a professional opera singer, and even performs there – when she’s not touring with stars like Joe Longthorne.

    With a history of show business and whole array of great food to boast about, San Marco’s is a perfect fit for Blackpool!

    “We’ve had everyone from the cast of ‘Emmerdale’ and ‘Hollyoaks’ in, ‘Dancing on Ice’, politicians and stars of the ‘Hot Ice Show’ – anyone who’s anyone comes to ‘San Marcos’ when in Blackpool”

    ~ Lucia, Owner of San Marco’s


    San Marco's

    San Marco’s

    If you’re thinking about going, there’s an Early Bird Menu(valid Tues – Thurs and all day Mon and Sun), which offers two courses and a complimentary drink.

    Marsh Mill Tavern

    Distance from Cala Gran: (1.7 miles)5 min drive
    TripAdvisor rating: 3.5 stars
    Food: Gastropub
    Prices: £6.95 – £9.95 for main courses

    The Marsh Mill Tavern has been given a recent £500k refurbishment – and the customers who knew it before as ‘The Tavern on the Mill’ love it.

    Hazel, our Owners Events Coordinator from Cala Gran in Blackpool, eats here every day.

    The owner’s name is Kat and she’s very happy with the new open kitchen and carvery area.

    Kat’s favourite dish on the menu is the ‘Spectacular Skewer Kebabs’ from £9.65 – £10.95, served with delicious homemade chips, coleslaw, onion rings, grilled peppers and bread.

    “You should definitely check out our massive homemade cakes– you can see them being made on site and even try a sample. But if your eyes are bigger than your belly you can opt for the ‘cake-away’ option!”
    ~ Kat, Manager at The Marsh Mill Tavern

    Marsh Mill Tavern

    Marsh Mill Tavern

    Have you eaten at The Marsh Mill since its refurb? Have you tried the homemade cakes yet? Feel free to make us jealous by telling us what your favourite was in the comments section below.

    Michael’s Restaurant

    Distance from Marton Mere: (2.4 miles)9 min drive
    TripAdvisor rating: 3 stars
    Food: Indian
    Prices: £8.90 – £12.90 for main courses

    After Laura told us about the giant naans at this Indian restaurant, I needed to find out more from the owner, Michael.

    At a twenty-minute walk from the Tower and promenade, the recently redeveloped, Michael’s is the perfect place for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle but still keeps you close to all the action.

    “I’m so proud of the development, from start to finish – it took a year and was the biggest thing I’ve ever done! It’s great to see Michael’s how I always dreamed it”~ Michael, Owner at Michael’s

    Michael prefers the ‘little bit hot, but not too much’ Madras on the menu.

    But if you’ve got any fussy eaters or anybody who doesn’t like spices, Michael’sdo pizzas from £8.50 – £12.90. And there’s a selection of vegetarian options as well as a kids menu, with everything on it from chicken nuggets to fish fingers, both £5.50– so everyone’s happy.

    If you can’t make your mind up, you can try a little bit of everything with the buffet option.

    What’s your favourite curry? Are you a heat seeking missile or do you like something a bit milder?



    Where would you choose?

    We’ve got some brilliant suggestions here from our Blackpool teams – the food sounds amazing, and the teams at the restaurants are really friendly.

    So I’m all set on places to eat next time I’m in Blackpool.


    Use the comments to let us know which one you like the sound of. And if you’ve been to any of these before, tell us what you thought or if you know anywhere else, give us a suggestion for somewhere to add to our next list