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    Throwback Thursday – Looking through the archives!

    This Throwback Thursday is all about looking at some of our favourite images from across our parks. We have a great selection of photos and brochures here at Haven HQ so we thought why not share them with you!

    Ribbet collage

    Even with all the changes in technology (and the ability to take photos in colour) you can see that some of the best family fun can be had on the simplest of technology! These quad bikes are as popular now as they were in the 1970s.

    Ribbet collage2

    Even this postcard from Sandy Bay shows that Devon Cliffs has had terrific views over Sandy Bay for many years. These two images are separated by about 30 years and still manage to show off the Jurassic Coast in all its glory.


    In 1906, Caister Holiday Camp opened and set the scene  for the a new wave of British holidays. This is one of the earliest pictures we have from Caister Holiday Park, it is the oldest out of all the parks.

    What’s the fondest memory you have from your holiday home? Are you looking to become a holiday home owner? Let us know in the comments section below!