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    Top 10 travel tips and tricks when travelling with kids

    As much as we all love a break away, the run up to the trip and getting there can be just a slight bit stressful – especially if your travelling with the whole clan and the kitchen sink!
    With this in mind we’ve rounded up some of the best ‘hacks‘ out there to make your travel and packing times a seaside breeze…

     Packing tips

    1. Roll your clothes when packing
    You will have to trust us on this but it really works! We travel regularly to our Haven parks and it’s something we all now do after Johnny introduced us to it. Not only does it save space but it also stops your clothes from creasing as much – genius. Also put small items such as pants and socks in shoes.

     2. Use a button to keep ear rings together
    Who would have thought the simple button would have this much use! You’ll never be stuck with odd ear rings now on your travels.

    3. Follow this simple formula
    Now I wish I could say I still followed this rule but it was handy when  – three tops for every bottom. Jeans and skirts take up more room than tops and people don’t seem to notice an outfit repeat if its on the bottom.


    Greedy is a packing master. Banana? Check! Dingy? Check! All set…


    4. Place a dryer sheet in the middle of your clothes
    For that extra bit of freshness and to literally come up smelling of daisy’s!

    5. Pack the night before 
    Laura, who blogs over on Mummytoboyz  says her best packing tip is to pack the night before. ‘Excitied children only hinder the process of packing.’ Even if you’re tired and all you want to do is go to bed, you’ll be so thankful you spent that extra half an hour the night before packing the car, than trying to feed the kids, get them dressed and use Tetris skills trying to fit everything in the boot in the morning.

     Travel tips

    6. Stock up on toys
    When my children we’re little I’d stock up on cheap toys and games (or I’d make them!) and give them a different toy in intervals. I have been known to wrap up the toys so they had the excitement of opening them as well!

    7. Save your Google Maps
    We all know that getting signal on our phones can be rather tricky when heading out the city so get prepared and save maps of the areas you’ll visiting. Simply type in the area you want to visit load up the map then type ‘ok map’ and it will be saved under ‘my places’. This means no getting lost so no whinging kids.

    8. Invest in a car kit
    One of our bloggers, Kelly she keeps a little car-kit in her car when she visits Haven Holidays. It would be packed full of activity/colouring books, pencils, snacks and even some card games which keeps the kids entertained for a little while!

    Want to hear more from Kelly? Check our her blog here! Warning it will make you hungry..

    Here's a young Johnny Brown having a great car journey!

    Here’s a young Johnny Brown having a great car journey!

    9. Snacks, snacks and more snacks
    ‘Hangry’ entered the Collins dictionary in 2012 with the definition being ‘becoming irritable as a result of feeling hungry’ – and we’ve all been there haven’t we? So make sure you have lots of healthy snacks to keep the kids (and the driver) entertained and content.

    10.Have a spare clothes in the boot 
    Laura says she always has a small bag in a easy to reach place in car as she knows at least one of the boys will have an accident or spill something on them. She fills the bag with spare clothes for the boys as it saves searching around in the suitcase when time is of the essence!

    If you’d like to hear some more of Laura’s tips and tricks or you’d just like to see whats she’s been up too click here.

    Have you got any pearls of wisdom that you’d like to add to our travel tips list?
    We’d love to hear them in the comment below!