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    Top 5 Fishing Gadgets You Need to Own

    Just picture it: the sun is coming up, the waters are calm, birds are singing overhead and everything is sincerely quiet. You take your time, picking your prized spot amongst the wetlands, and then, once perfectly perched, it’s time to do what you love the most: fishing.

    While fishing is a super relaxing sport, there is plenty of scope to make your fishing holiday that much more exhilarating – all you need are some new fishing gadgets to add to your supplies.

    Dive right in with us to see the top 5 fishing gadgets you simply must own.

    1.  Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster

    If you frequently find yourself starving, situated in a fishing spot where burger vans rarely venture, you’ll likely be on the look-out for fresh food. That’s where RidgeMonkey’s Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL steps in.

    To get your toasted goods, all you need is a low heat (just set a small fire), and some pre-made sandwiches, pies or wraps. Once it’s set up, just place your food inside, flip it several times to evenly distribute the heat, and enjoy a wonderfully warm meal. Handily, there is a full utensil kit included in your pack, which means no unwieldy knives and tongs swimming around in your fishing bag!

    2.  Waterproof iPhone Case

    So, you’ve just caught a whopper and it is time to get the goods. However, as you reach out to tighten your rod, your phone slips away and sinks underwater. If this scenario sounds familiar, we have the answer for you.

    To prevent your phone from water damage while out and about, we recommend LifeProof’s waterproof iPhone cases. With their signature invisible screen cover and free-form fit, LifeProof’s phone cases offer peak pixel performance, all while fighting against the elements, including water, dirt, dust and snow.

    3.  Wide Solar Fish Finder

    Sick of tracking fish for hours, only to find plankton at the end of your rod? If this has happened to you, you need to get yourself a Fish Finder. Known as a “fisherman’s best friend”, Fish Finders take the hassle out of hunting, giving you time to truly relish the great outdoors.

    Lowrance’s HOOK² Fish Finder is one of the most impressive on the market. Its wide solar cone offers twice the sonar coverage of traditional fish finders, making it that much easier to find fish and track bait. You can even see where your bait is waiting underwater – just set your Finder to its expanded widescreen display.

    4.  Foam Fly Box

    Fly boxes are one of the most essential items in any fly fisher’s arsenal. Great for quickly throwing in your pocket for an hour or two of fishing, a fly box makes streaming and bugging that much more efficient.

    This hi-grip silicone foam fly box from SnowBee is a lightweight alternative to metal fly boxes. While some foam boxes can get chewed up over time, this dense foam is unaffected by repeated hook insertion, making it last longer than standard foam fly boxes.

    5.  Fish Indicating Watch

    If you’re looking to optimise on your time by the water, you simply must try a multi-functional fishing watch. While there are many choices online, there are few watches better for fishing than Casio’s Sports Gear.

    In just this one little watch, you are given everything you need to find your catch of the day. With its location tracking capabilities, you can see when the moon is at its fullest and when sunset is due, helping you decide when to cast your line. It’s even water resistant up to 200-metres, in case you accidentally topple out of your boat!

    Now you know what you need, it’s time to put that gear to good use! Take a look at our Haven fishing holidays for an activity-packed getaway in the UK.



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