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    Top 5 reasons for bringing your dog on holiday

    If you’ve got a dog, going on holiday begs one very difficult question – bring him along or leave him at home? It’s a problem that thousands of dog owners face every year so if you need any more convincing why taking your dog on holiday with you is a fantastic idea, read on.

    They’re bundles of fun

    Firstly, nothing can make your holiday more fun than the unconditional joy and happiness of a dog.
    Eternally happy to spend time with you, your four-legged friend will be the life and soul of your holiday – bringing endless fun to strolls along the beach, walks through the forest and even relaxing by your caravan.

    Dog x 2

    No member of the family is left behind

    We’re dog lovers ourselves and we understand how much your dog can feel part of your family. And how leaving him behind can feel like you’re leaving a member of the family behind. But when you go on a pet-friendly holiday, there’s no reason to feel that way. Your dog comes with you and enjoys every moment alongside you – making sure he’s just as much a part of the holiday memories as everyone else.

    No kennel fees

    Sentimentality aside, bringing your dog along with you on holiday can save you a whole bundle of money. Wave goodbye to those pesky kennel fees as your dog will be right by your side for the whole holiday. You will have to pay the holiday park a very small fee per night for the dog to stay in your caravan, but at least you’ll be paying to have him by your side instead of alone in a kennel.

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    Look at that face? It’s nearly impossible to leave him behind!

    You know they’re safe

    Being away from your dog can be like being away from your children – you know you’ve left them in safe hands, but they’re always in the back of your mind. But if you bring your dog along on holiday with you, you won’t have any of this worry. You’ll know they’re safe and well-fed and most importantly, having the time of their lives exploring all the new sights and smells of your holiday destination.

    They’re welcome at almost all Haven parks

    Some people don’t bring their dogs on holiday with them because they think they’ll feel limited in where they can stay. But that’s certainly not the case on holiday parks. Take Haven, for instance – we allow dogs on all our parks apart from Burnham-on-Sea, Riviere Sands and Lydstep Beach.

    We don’t think you’ll need any more convincing about why you should bring you dog along on holiday.
    But if you’d like some more information, check out our page on pet friendly holidays.

    We also love seeing pictures of your furry-friend enjoying Haven! Show us on Facebook or tweet them @haven using #MyHavenDays