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Top 5 reasons for bringing your dog on holiday

If you’ve got a dog, going on holiday begs one very difficult question – bring him along or leave him at home? It’s a problem that thousands of dog owners face every year so if you need any more convincing why taking your dog on holiday with you is a fantastic idea, read on.

They’re bundles of fun

Firstly, nothing can make your holiday more fun than the unconditional joy and happiness of a dog.
Eternally happy to spend time with you, your four-legged friend will be the life and soul of your holiday – bringing endless fun to strolls along the beach, walks through the forest and even relaxing by your caravan.

Dog x 2

No member of the family is left behind

We’re dog lovers ourselves and we understand how much your dog can feel part of your family. And how leaving him behind can feel like you’re leaving a member of the family behind. But when you go on a pet-friendly holiday, there’s no reason to feel that way. Your dog comes with you and enjoys every moment alongside you – making sure he’s just as much a part of the holiday memories as everyone else.

No kennel fees

Sentimentality aside, bringing your dog along with you on holiday can save you a whole bundle of money. Wave goodbye to those pesky kennel fees as your dog will be right by your side for the whole holiday. You will have to pay the holiday park a very small fee per night for the dog to stay in your caravan, but at least you’ll be paying to have him by your side instead of alone in a kennel.

06-05-2014 10-55-41

Look at that face? It’s nearly impossible to leave him behind!

You know they’re safe

Being away from your dog can be like being away from your children – you know you’ve left them in safe hands, but they’re always in the back of your mind. But if you bring your dog along on holiday with you, you won’t have any of this worry. You’ll know they’re safe and well-fed and most importantly, having the time of their lives exploring all the new sights and smells of your holiday destination.

They’re welcome at almost all Haven parks

Some people don’t bring their dogs on holiday with them because they think they’ll feel limited in where they can stay. But that’s certainly not the case on holiday parks. Take Haven, for instance – we allow dogs on all our parks apart from Burnham-on-Sea, Riviere Sands and Lydstep Beach.

We don’t think you’ll need any more convincing about why you should bring you dog along on holiday.
But if you’d like some more information, check out our page on pet friendly holidays.

We also love seeing pictures of your furry-friend enjoying Haven! Show us on Facebook or tweet them @haven using #MyHavenDays

  • Darren

    I have 3 very small well behaved dogs can I still come to haven ?

    • Hey Darren 🙂

      Which park is it you are wanting to visit? If you give them a call they will be able to help you 🙂

      • Darren

        Thank you Helen. It was Devon Cliffs that I wanted to go to. I have been previously but I only had one dog then , but I have 3 now. All very small and all very good.

        • I’m a massive dog fan so I’m jealous you have three little bundles of fun! Devon Cliffs direct number is 01395 226226 and they will be able to tell you if three dogs can come 🙂

  • Danielle

    Hello I am looking to bring my 1 year old English bulldog to AllHallows and was wondering if there are places to eat which have outside seating for him to be with us?


  • Pete Jenkins

    Hi Helen, We have a touring caravan and wondered if any of the parks have kennels where our dogs can be boarded for a couple of hours if my wife and I wanted to go swimming, etc. Thankyou

    • Hey Pete 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

      We don’t have kennels on our sites.

  • Pete Jenkins

    Thanks anyway. Just thought I’d ask.

  • Elaine whiting

    Do dogs have to stay in caravan while eating at the camp site and while attending evening entertainment Thankyou

    • Hey Elaine,

      Which park is it your are staying at? If you give the friendly park team a call they will be able to help you out 🙂

  • Emma King

    Are dogs allowed at hafan y mor in a chalet? Thanks

    • Hey Emma 🙂

      We do allow our four legged friends in our standard chalets 🙂

  • Had a lovely weekend at this site, but trying to trace the owner of a large black Labrador called buster. Who was also at the site this weekend 18th July 2015. Please reply here if possible. Thanks

    • Hey Nicola 🙂

      Is there anything I can help with? which park is it you stayed at and I can give you their direct number.

    • Hi it was Marton mere, I have rang the site but they can’t help me, so I thought I’d try on here, in the hope the owner may see it. Thanks

  • Lou

    Having just spent a week at thorpe park , we were virtually caravan bound the whole week. The weather was rubbish and after a few walks round he site , the kids wanted to do activity a inside the resort. But having brought our tiny dog with us who is very much a part of our family and goes everywhere with us, we couldn’t use the site facility’s as non of them allowed dogs in ! We weren’t willing to leave our baby crying in our caravan ,which would of distressed her and I’m sure our neighbours as she’s never been left. Feel very disappointed and was glad to leave.. Why encourage people to brig there dogs just to leave them locked in their caravan ? And on venturing into cleethorpes we faild to find anywhere that would allow us in with our dog (whom is carried) either . Never using haven again….

    • Hey Lou 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear the weather didn’t shine for you. We understand that dogs are a huge part of the family and we try to keep our holidays as dog friendly as possible, however don’t allow our four legged friends in the complex due to our other guests who may have allergies.

      We agree with you, dogs like to be roaming around and we’re happy to advise on places to visit around our parks that are dog friendly. If you do choose to visit us again, speak to our friendly park teams as they can give you some suggestions.

  • Michelle

    Hi. I’m going to Caister on the sea in 3 weeks with my you know if she will be allowed anywhere with us so we don’t have to leave her much.

    • Hey Michelle 🙂

      If you give our friendly park team a call on 01493 728931 they can tell you all the dog friendly places on and around the park 🙂

    • Karen Woodcock

      Hi. I know your post was old but I’m just browsing through all the comments. I’m taking my dog to Caister Haven soon and wondered how it was for you? Were you limited with where you could go?

  • lisa

    Lou you need to remember that not everyone is a fan of dogs, if dogs were allowed everywhere both indoors and outdoors on site it would put many people off going, having them in areas that serve food is completely un hygienic. You make your choice whether to use all the facilities and enjoy your holiday or bring your dog!!!

    • Shannon

      Tough, you obviously have never owned a dog….if it was not hygienic, guide dogs wouldn’t be allowed.

  • Amy

    Hi was just wondering if dogs were allowed in Superior Caravans at your primrose valley site. Partner booked and never thought to ask.

    • Hey Amy 🙂

      Pets are welcome in our standard and standard plus accommodation. If you are wanting to change caravans you can give our friendly park teams a call or our contact centre on 0330 100 6633

      Hope this helps!

  • Donna

    Are dogs allowed to be left in the caravan whilst you swim & use indoor facilities?

    • Hey Donna 🙂

      If you’re in pet friendly accommodations you are more than welcome to leave well behaved dogs alone for a short while,as you would when at home, however it is your choice and responsibility 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  • Hayley

    You say pet friendly, so does that include house cat?

    • Hey Hayley!

      It would be best to ring the park directly to find out 🙂

      Have a nice day!

  • Candi

    Hi, we are going to Haven Seaview in Weymouth on Monday and bringing our dog. Just wanted to know are dogs allowed on the beach there? Time restrictions etc..
    Kind Regards

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  • Tracey Heathcote Hughes

    Im going to the blue dolphin haven site and taking my dog and grandaughter we are camping are dogs allowed in the entertainment part as I dont want to leave the dog on her own and dont want me and the grandaughter to miss out as I have paid for passes