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    What are the top 6 rainy day activities?

    It’s raining, it’s pouring and the kids are complaining it’s boring – so what do you do? Get creative that’s what!

    You’ll be amazed at what wonders lay around the house and can be recycled into rainy day boredom busters. We asked our wonderful Haven Facebook fans to help us create an epic list of what do what the great indoors is the only option.

    1. Flour Men

    I don’t know about anyone else but my Mum always had plain flour in the pantry but I never saw her use it for baking – only this next activity!

    Grab a balloon and funnel.
    Fill the balloon up with flour until it is about the size of a tennis ball
    Tie really tightly at the top!
    Cut a length of wool into 15cm strips
    Tie the wool around the knot for the ‘hair’ (I always liked to mix up the colours for the hair – rainbow all the way!)
    Using a marker pen draw on your face.

    Why not see if you can make a family member or friend? I personally always thought I got my Dad spot on…

    Flour Heads (source

    Flour Heads (source

    2. Make dens

    Instead of making the bed (no one likes doing that), Angela one of our Facebook fans, says grab the sheet, turn the table upside down and create the best fort there ever was.  And with Halloween coming up this time of year is perfect to get everyone together under the table and tell some slightly scary stories!


    3. Jam Jar lanterns

    I have to admit this is one of my favourite suggestions from Facebook and it come from Jackie! She’s a bit of baking queen and is also the champion of recycling. She takes old jars and turns them in to pieces of art.

    Simply wash the jar out
    Choose a picture of your choice (or do it the Haven way and choose beautiful autumn leaves)
    Stick the picture to the outside
    Get an adult to place a tealight inside
    And Voila! A lovely lantern to light up the lounge!

    Get glowing this Autumn (source Thorpe Park owners facebook)

    Get glowing this Autumn (source Thorpe Park owners facebook)


    4. Make your own playdough

    Warning… this could get messy!
    Again my Mum seemed to have food colouring but never actually baked with it (it was probably on offer) but it came in real handy when we wanted to make our own modelling dough.

    You will need
    1 cup of cold water
    2 teaspoons of vegetable oil
    3 cups of flour
    2 tablespoons of cornflour
    1 cup of salt

    Add everything apart from the flour and cornflour into a bowl
    Get mixing
    Start to gradually add the flour and corn flour until you can see the mixture becoming a dough
    Get it out and play!

    Add some glitter for a more festive feel or to turn it into fairy dough!

    Store in a air-tight container or in a bag in the fridge


    5.Shoebox homes or scenes

    Madi has always been one to think outside of the box – apart from when it come to rainy-day fun!

    Take one shoe box (or any box really!)
    Use wrapping paper, old wallpaper or even just plain paper for the sides and bottom of the box
    Then get creative! For the insides Madi just to love creating her dream home with the Argos catalogue or why not make a beach scene with the Haven brochures? (Just make sure you ask first!)

    Think of what story you might want. Do you want to explore the jungle, travel to space or maybe just make up your own world – it’s very much in your hands!

    shoebox scene

    6.Card Bingo

    Last but not least, our sixth suggestion comes from another Facebook fans , Elaine.  She gathers her Grandkids and plays bingo at 2p ago and they love it!
    She kindly let us know the rules.

    Card Bingo – 4/5 players
    You will need a pack of cards

    1. Take out 13 cards, Ace to King of the same suit.
    2. Give them a shuffle and place, face down next to the Bingo caller (remember to always keep these separate from the other cards)
    3. Deal the rest of the cards to each player (they can look at them)
    4.Each player puts 2p in the middle (or you could play with sweets!)
    5. The Bingo caller picks the top card from the shuffled pack and calls it out
    6. If a player has these cards they place them in the table (even if they have it 2/3 times)
    7.The winner is the first person to have no cards left
    8. If there is more than one winner left the money is left on the table and another 2p is added from each player.
    9. Keep on playing to your hearts content!

    Will you be trying any of our rainy day activities? Or do you have some ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below!