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    Top 8 Childhood Games!

    As a child there was nothing better than meeting all of your friends on a summer’s day and spending the whole day running and playing together.

    However, as you grow older you forget how much enjoyment these simple games brought you!

    Whether you played them on your holidays at Haven or at the park with your friends, everybody had fun creating memories with these easy-to-play games.

    We have made a list of the top eight games that everyone will remember from their childhood at Haven or at home…

    Hide and seek (back to base)

    hide n seek

    A twist on the classic childhood game of hide and seek. One player is designated as the ‘Seeker’ and the rest hide; however, before the players assign a designated area as a ‘base’ and to win they must return back there before they get found. If more players get back to base then the hiders win, if more players are found then the seeker wins.

    Minimum amount of players needed – More than three

    What do you think?

    wat do u think

    Four corners are each given a title: Love, Hate, Like, Never had; one player is designated ‘IT’ and stands in the middle all other players choose a random corner. The person who is IT must then shout something e.g. food, drinks, films etc. And the players must run to the corner that best describes their opinion. IT must try to tag the players as they run to their desired corner.

    Minimum amount of players needed – More than three

    Four Square

    four square

    A square is drawn with chalk and then divided up into four smaller squares, players are ranked from 1-4 with number 1 starting with the ball. The aim of the games is to bounce a ball in another person’s square before they catch it; if you do you move up the ranks and if you do not you move down. The winner is the person that is ranked 1 at the end of the game.

    Minimum amount of players needed – Four

    Equipment needed – Ball

    Stuck in the mud

    stuc mud

    IT has been around for years so no wonder someone tried to spice it up a bit making it bit more fun! One player gets designated ‘IT’ and counts to the agreed number, players then run round trying to avoid being tagged by IT. If a player is unfortunate enough to become tagged they must freeze in a starfish position, they then can only move again when joint player runs under their arms and unfreezes them.

    Minimum amount of players needed – Three

    Marco Polo

    Marco polo

    One player is designated as the seeker; they must put on a blind fold and spin round until they become disorientated and does not know where the other players are. The other players must run round to ensure the seeker does not know where they are. The seeker then shouts ‘Marco’ and the remaining players must reply ‘Polo’ the seeker must then follow the sound until they tag someone who then becomes out.

    Minimum amount of players needed – Three

    Heads down thumbs up

    thumbs up

    Usually done in a classroom with a large amount of children five children are chosen to stand at the front the remaining players are then told to put their heads down and thumbs up (meaning close their eyes and hold their thumbs up). The five children then go around and tap one players thumb each then return to the front. All tapped players should then stand up and pick who they thought tapped them, if right then they get to swap and stand at the front if wrong the person that chose them stays on.

    Minimum amount of players needed – Ten



    Players are numbered and then stand in a circle, with number one standing in the middle. No. 1 then throws the ball up in the air and says another number that person must then run in the middle and catch the ball, this then carries on until someone doesn’t catch it. When someone fails to catch the ball the first time they get a letter ‘S’, second ‘P’, third ‘U’ and fourth ‘D’, when they have enough letters to spell SPUD this person is then out of the game.

    Minimum amount of players Three

    Equipment needed – Ball



    Two players stand at the edge of the Kerb facing each other, they take it in turns throwing the ball aiming to hit the kerb and for the ball to bounce back to them. If they hit the kerb and it bounces back then the player gets another go and scores a point, if they don’t then it is the other players turn.

    Minimum amount of players Two

    Equipment needed – Ball


    Do you remember playing these games as a child? What one was your favourite? 

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    Do you remember playing these games as a kid?

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