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    Top 5 Essentials for Yurt Holidays

    Are your family tired of the same old camping holiday? If so, then maybe it is time to switch things up. Give yurt holidays a chance and enjoy a different side of camping with Haven Holidays.

    Yurts are circular, portable dwellings made from flexible wood, canvas and felt. Nomads across Central Asia designed these lodgings centuries ago in an effort to temper the warmest suns, the coolest nights, and the harshest winds. They needed something portable that could keep them safe, as well as comfortable. And thus, the yurt was born.

    Not sure what you should take on your next yurt holiday? Check out our top 5 essentials and see how you can take your trip to the next level.

    1.  Kampa Camping Cupboard

    Have you ever been camping and enjoyed completely crease-free clothes? Nope, us neither. However, on a yurt holiday it’s easy to care for your clothes.

    Most yurts are over 6ft high and offer plenty of indoor space, making the camping cupboard by Kampa an ideal accessory for time away. This freestanding closet is easy to set up and folds out like a laundry basket, saving you space in the car. Practically perfect!

    2.  Journey™ Water Bottle

    During your yurt family holiday, there is no doubt adventure will be on the agenda. Whether your time away involves hiking, geocaching or mountain-biking, you will need to make sure you are hydrated for the long haul.

    The Journey™ Water Bottle is an essential all explorers need. Unlike standard water bottles, this bottle filters your fluids, removing bacteria, virus and other unwelcome parasites. For those times when the mountain-tops are calling, or for when all you desire is a bicycle and some fresh air, you will be glad you packed this vessel.

    3.  Coleman Xtreme Cooler

    Your yurt may be firmly situated in the heart of the countryside, but with easy access to electricity, yurts provide the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor living. Home cooking is one of the many benefits of a yurt holiday, and with plenty of space inside, you can safely prepare and store home-cooked food.

    The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is ideal for keeping food and drinks cool. You can even freeze goods for up to five days, perfect for when you are away with a large family.

    4.  Aukey Power Bank

    We know that being away from technology is a big ask, even during a family holiday. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops might not have a welcome place during time away, but sometimes it’s nice to have them around, just in case.

    So you don’t run out of juice, take along the Aukey Power Bank on your next yurt holiday. This little device charges your technology four times quicker than conventional charging. Built-in safeguards also manage overheating, overcharging and excessive current usage so you can rest assured your family are safe at all times.

    5.  Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Yurt holidays offer everything you can look forward to on a camping holiday, but with an essential extra: connectivity! Bring your yurt to life with Sony’s Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

    Boasting an incredible 12 hours battery life and so compact it fits into the palm of your hand, you can enjoy music wherever you go! All you need to do is link it up with any of your devices and you’re set. Play your family’s favourite tunes or make a playlist for your yurt holiday for time away you will never forget!

    Take your camping holiday to the next level and try a yurt holiday with Haven this year. We can’t wait to see you!

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