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    My trip to Seashore!

    Our wonderful blogging friend Jack is back! He’s been to Seashore this time, meaning he got to explore all that Haven and Norfolk had to offer. Now say it with me – ‘We’re all going on a Haven Holiday!’

    Day 1

    We set off for Seashore at 5:00am to try and get a full day in and also because of it being almost 400 miles from home.When we arrived in Great Yarmouth the first things we saw were the old windmills where they used to make flour many years ago. As we arrived so early this meant our caravan wasn’t quite ready, however this was fine as we could take advantage and headed for the beach. We had a walk along the beach we were lucky enough to see some seals; they were amazing and very close to the shore.
    When we got into our caravan we unpacked and went to the Mash and Barrel for something to eat and drink, the food was fantastic and the portions were huge.After that we went to went up to the Live Lounge to watch the brand new Seaside Squad welcome show.Once the show was finished we went back to the caravan to relax… had been a very long, enjoyable day.

    character breakfasts

    Day 2

    When we got up on Tuesday mum cooked breakfast before we went for a drive along Great Yarmouth seafront on the way to finding a supermarket to get some shopping. When we got back we went to watch Rorys Punch and Judy show and then went to the Mash and Barrel for some lunch. While in the Mash and Barrel we booked our sports activities for Thursday. We then decided to hire one of the family carts, me and my dad drove while my mum and sister sat in the front. We kept peddling really fast over the speed bumps as it made my mum and Aimee jump out of their seats, we managed to see the whole of the park by cart.
    We were really tired after being on the cart for an hour so we went back to the caravan for a while. Later on we went to the Live Lounge to watch The Big Beach Clean up before going back to the caravan for some tea and bed.


    Day 3

    Today we went into Great Yarmouth where we visited the Sealife centre( if you buy your tickets from reception on Seashore you get discounted tickets).The Sealife centre was amazing and well worth a visit. From there we went onto the Grand Pier and then onto the Pleasure Beach, we spent a few hours going on the rides and we also had lunch at one of the cafes.We spent the rest of the afternoon looking around the shops in Great Yarmouth. We returned to the caravan just in time for a quick change before going up the club for another seaside squad show.

    great yarmouth

    Day 4

    As soon as we were ready today we went swimming for an hour ,I really liked the water slides. We then had to get ready for the climbing wall. Both me and my sister got to the top. After a quick lunch it was time for me to go Target shooting which is my favourite activity of all.
    We had a little bit of time to spare before our next activity so we had a walk along the beach as it was a lovely warm day, we saw more seals. Our final activity of the day was archery I didn’t enjoy this one as much but Aimee really liked it. We had tea in the Mash and Barrel again today the food was very tasty. After tea it was another quick change before getting up to the club for another show by the Seaside squad we also stayed out to watch Girls on Film.

    climbing wall

    Day 5- the day we go home 🙁

    When we got up this morning we had to pack our stuff and then we went and had the farewell breakfast with the seaside squad. It has been a very busy, very tiring holiday but by far one of the best holidays we have ever had, we all wish it could of lasted longer. There is many more places in Great Yarmouth that my mum would like to show us as she used to come here every year as a child. Fingers crossed it wont be too long before we can visit again.

    If you enjoyed Jacks blog you can read all about his 14th Birthday celebrations with Haven here! Have you been to Seashore before? Let us know in the comments below.