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    Our trip to Seaview!

    We know the nights are beginning much earlier now but let us take you back to a time when the day never seemed to end!

    During the summer holidays Haven fan Paul took his two grandchildren to our Seaview holiday park in Weymouth – here’s how they got on..

    Friday 1st August – We set off from home with two very excited kiddies and an equally excited Grandad and Nannie.  We had a great journey down, with lots of games and singing in the car – really getting in the Haven spirit!

    We arrived at Seaview Caravan Park and joined the queue for check in. We were pleasantly pleased  by the speedy check in.

    After we were supplied with the map and keys we set off to find our home for the next couple of days.
    The kids were extremely please as they were given balloons and even had a high five from Rory!

    Before arriving at the caravan we decided to have a quick look round the showbars and we found the children’s entertainment in the reception was a magician and the kids where totally mesmerised – it was hard to drag them away!


    On arrival at our caravan Charlie declared he wanted to open the door  first so he handed him the key and he sprinted through the door. We all had a good look around, myself and Nannie impressed by how clean it was and the kids impressed because they got their own bedrooms.


    The kids chose their bedrooms and Jamie (age 4) said ‘I love it here, can we stay here forever?’ While Charlie (age 6) said ‘this caravan is awesome’

    After unpacking we all went to explore. It didn’t take long to find the swimming pool and playground which was great to let the kids climb and run around to let off steam.

    After a while of soaking up the sun and letting the kids run free without worry we headed back to caravan for a nice cup of tea and to plan our evening and choose what activities we wanted to do.


    We decided to do a little cooking in our caravan  before getting  washed and changed ready for evening entertainment.

    The kids had been saving up their 2pences ready to take to the arcade. So off back to the club for the kids to watch the disco and they were very, very excited to see Anixous! They also had a great time joining in with the other kids all dancing to the music.

    On the way home we went to the shop and bought light up sticks which they thought were great and lit the way home to the caravan. Comments like ‘wicked, awesome and totally cool’ surround us.

    The kids loved their first day – I think that’s a major brownie points for Grandad and Nannie as well as two very tired children  who fell straight asleep. And what are we doing tomorrow? Spending all day at the beach!

    Have you visited our Seaview park? Or does another Haven park hold your heart? Let us know in the comments below!