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    Our trip to South Wales …a trip down memory lane.

    When our kids were little we always took a holiday in the UK and when my brother Chris moved to Wales we decided to combine a visit to his new house with a short break.

    The kids really wanted to go camping so we purchased a new tent, borrowed some other bits from Robs mum and dad and booked a tent pitch at Kiln Park Nr Tenby for a few days. It was a gorgeous sunny day when we arrived so as soon as we pitched our tent we walked to Tenby South beach, its a long stretch of sandy beach and really safe for paddling as it shelves gently.
    NB just check the tide table to make sure you’ve got plenty of beach to enjoy.

    The beach is life guarded from May-September and you can hire canoes and deckchairs.

    We also visited folly farm which when writing this I thought I’d best check its still as good as it was when we went and was delighted to find that it now has a zoo and a fun fair and gets a 5 star Trip Advisor rating

    It rained on one day so we spent some time on the park too using the swimming pool and the kids clubs and the kids love the penny machines in the arcade.

    Next stop Cardigan bay, my brothers house was just a few miles away from Havens Quay West holiday park in Cardigan bay so the activities we did can also be enjoyed by guests staying on the park.

    My brother has a couple of springer spaniels who need almost as much exercise as Tom and Madi! So we put our boots on and took to the coastal path to see if we could spot some dolphins out to sea… And we did we also thought we saw a whale but on reflection we think it was probably a basking shark.

    Since we visited Wales they’ve now linked all the paths together so that you can now walk the full length of the coast line with out interruption . You can see lots of other wildlife, sea birds, seals and maybe basking sharks. Another great way to see the dolphins is to take a Dolphin survey boat trip organised by Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife.

    We also hired a canoe and went down a section of the river Teifi, its not quite the Grand Canyon but there’s some beautiful scenery along the way. Depending on your level of experience there are a number of sections you can take and some organised tours you can check it out here.

    My brother also recommended a visit to the seaside town of Aberaeron and told Tom and Madi there was a tower they could go up. He said it was so tall that they would need to be carried. We parked the car and the kids jumped on to Robs back as Chris led the way. They were told to close their eyes to get the full impact of the experience. Our trusting children did as they were told but when they opened their eyes they discovered the tower of Aberaeron was just 10feet off the ground! They were so disappointed and even today 15 years on they still haven’t forgiven him.

    We think the tower is the remains of the entrance of the harbour or something similar as it was at the mouth of the harbour entrance.Does anyone know what this ‘tower’ is?

    The 'huge' Tower of Aberaeron!

    The ‘huge’ Tower of Aberaeron!

    Have you visited South Wales? Do you have any hidden gems to add to this list?
    We’d love to hear from you!

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