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    Turf Wars 2017 at Blue Dolphin

    Our green-thumbed owners have been back at it again! With the return of the Turf Wars gardening compeititon for a third year, our owners were tasked once again to maximise the limited space around their caravan with beautiful floral displays.

    The challenge

    Owners at our parks teamed up to battle it out against each other for the ultimate prize of £250 worth of National Garden Vouchers and an exclusive showcase at their park from a celebrity gardener.

    Each team had two different sized buckets to decorate using £25 of gardening vouchers, and each aimed to come up with a creative display that truly reflected the spirit of their park.

    Throughout the two weeks, 30 blooming buckets were entered into the competition across 15 parks, and then it was down to you! We trusted our readers with the difficult job of whittling the buckets down to just five.

    This year’s runners up were sent in from Lakeland, Caister-on-Sea, Marton Mere and FarGrange.

    The winner

    A top five was selected by a celebrity judge. From a plant-pot-turned-pitcher-of-Pimms to a sunset over Flamborough head, the judge was extremely impressed with standard of entrants this year. However, after much deliberating, it was Maureen Dunn from Blue Dolphin that stole the show!

    David loved that Maureen depicted all aspects of life as an owner at Blue Dolphin in her display, using ornaments to show the range of events at the owners lounge, the Seaside Squad and Filey beach.

    The showcase

    Thanks to Maureen’s creativity, the lucky owners at Blue Dolphin were treated to a gardening showcase from our celebrity gardener. Pens at the ready, the owners took down countless notes on how to enhance their gardens using everyday household goods.

    From self-watering hanging baskets to Viagra-infused soil, the audience soaked up all the tips and tricks (and even managed to get a selfie with David at the end too!)

    It was a great competition and a fab day this year – thank you to everyone who got involved!

    If you’d like to see more about Blue Dolphin Holiday park, take a look at our video guide.