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    Valentine’s Day – We love beaches

    Valentine’s Day is a a day of love, so that’s why we’ve decided to share some of the reasons we just can’t get enough of beaches.

    Sand between your toes

    Having your foot massaged by the sand getting in between your toes as you take a leisurely stroll along the beach is surely the highlight of any holiday.

    Building sand castles


    Even adults love getting stuck in and building some sand castles on the beach – whether it’s a simple bucket made castle, or the more time consuming castle with a moat leading the ocean, they’re just so much fun to make!

    Enjoy the sea breeze

    You can always tell when you’re near to the beach when you hear the seagulls squawk, smell the sea air and of course feel the brisk sea breeze.

    Dip in the sea


    We know the British sea can be cold, but you’ve just got to take a dip and have a splash about when you’re down at the beach. Looks like dogs quite fancy it too!

    Skimming Stones

    There’s something very relaxing about trying to skim stones in the ocean – if you’re any good at it of course, if not you’ll just see it plop into the water!

    Flying a kite


    You can fly a kite in lots of places, but nowhere is greater than doing it on the beach. You get to see your kites fly in the sea breeze as you run along the sandy shoreline. Bliss!


    Find a rockpool and see what you can find inside it. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot a hermit crab or little fishes.


    Water sports

    There’s so many different watersports you can try out at the beach – from kayaking to surfing there’s something for everybody.

    Let us know what you love about the beach in the comment section below!