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    Water Sports for the whole family!

    What a better way to make fun family memories than trying out something new! At Haven, we have plenty of Water Activities that will make nearly every family member swimmingly happy…One of the great things about coming to Haven is that we have plenty of space for every member of the family – it really is more the merrier! You can find out how easy it is to book a big, family get together in our blog ‘6 Reasons to book a group holiday at Haven.’

    From personal experience, our family seemed to have the best time when we got ourselves out in the fresh air and tried a new activity together. Sometimes it resulted in me and brother teaming up against the parents (we did make quite a dream team when we wanted to!).  It also meant that my very competitive Dad wouldn’t let anyone else win, no matter what their age, but it’s these sorts of memories that you find yourself recalling later on.

    Up and down the coast we have plenty of ‘family-bonding’ sports and activities that will unite your family and give you lots of action-packed stories. We’ve listed our top four below.

    Fancy catching some waves here?

    Fancy catching some waves here?

    Surfing at Perran Sands

    Famous for the incredible views, the beautiful beaches and of course the surfers.  Why not become that family of surfers that everyone wants to be?

    When you visit our Perran Sands site you can book yourselves in for a Surf Lesson at our Surf School and with Lesson’s taking place just a short walk away on Penhayle Beach, it’s easy to round up the troops and head down.
    The reason we choose to learn our new skills on this beach is because you can have enough space to practice until you feel comfortable.

    Perran Sands Surf School offers a range of packages from private group sessions to individual sessions. Plus if you get everyone involved you actually save!  As if 5 or more people sign up for a  Surf lesson you’ll recieve a 10% saving!

    Hopefully, the weather will be on your side but even if it looks a little overcast you don’t need to worry about your little ones feeling the chill, as at the Surf School they have new GUL wetsuits that will keep you warm no matter what time of year it is.

    To book your lesson you can either visit Perran Sands Activity Centre on the park next to the SPAR or you can phone the park on 01872 573551 and speak to one of our sports and leisure team who will be more than happy to help.

    You can be as ‘Far out’ or as ‘narly’ as you wish.


    Windsurfing and beach crafts at Devon Cliffs

    Now, nothing bonds me and my Mum more than getting a bargain – and that’s what you’ll get when you book a Liquid Motion Training Academy course through Devon Cliffs! Just a stones throw away from our flagship park there is so much on offer!

    Their Beach side Academy and Hire bank is open every day for Paddleboard Lessons, Junior Beach club sessions and rentals with special offers just for Devon Cliffs Holidaymakers!

    You can spend the whole day on the beach and enjoy an amazing variety of discovery. You can tailor-make your day by choosing some of the top seaside activities on offer – perfect for pleasing every member! Choose from windsurfing, paddle boarding, beach art and much, much more. All this from just £35 for the whole day!

    With all the activities taking place at Orcombe Point, you can even have the opportunity to walk with dinosaurs on this Jurassic heritage site.

    For more information call  Liquid Motion Training Academy on 01395 222182


    Why not grab all the family and take some lessons in kayaking?

    Kayaking at Lakeland

    If you fancy something that is action-packed but would still like a sit-down, why not try kayaking? Our Lakeland park has a new lake for this year and we love it! With the Lake District as your back-drop, you would be mistaken for thinking you and your family were explorers while paddling around on the lake that is in the heart of the park.

    You can hire a single kayak from £6  or double up for £8.
    Or if you want to take things a bit slower hire out a pedalo and take it leisurely.

    For more information give our friendly park a call on 01539 558556.


    Banana Boat at Kiln Park

    If you don’t fancy learning a skill but still want to get your family out on the water, why not try a banana boat at our South Wales park?

     A really fun activity with lots of laughs: for individuals, families and groups!

    The banana is an inflated tube that carries passengers and is towed by a boat while the riders hold on and try not to fall off – which will happen!
    With space for up to six people, it’s the perfect, short activity that will get people laughing.

    See if your family can hold on for the full 20 minutes with a prize for the person who stays on the longest!

    Now, if just speaking off all this action has got you in a bit of sweat, don’t you worry! The best part of all these activities is that you don’t actually have to get wet to join in. You could sit back on the beach, relax and watch everyone else getting in a bit of splash! It’s doesn’t mean you’re missing out, it means you can be the one who documents it all on the camera!


    Do you think any of the activities above will interest your large family? Or if not let us know what you enjoy the most when holidaying at the seaside! Comment below 🙂 

    With all of the activities above, there may be height and age restrictions. Please contact the park or the organisations before booking to avoid disappointment.