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    Where Are We Wednesday – Craig Tara

    If you didn’t recognise this week’s Where Are We Wednesday then maybe you should pay the exciting Scottish park Craig Tara a visit at some point this year!

    The Park


    With giant flumes, multi-lane slides, water jets, Lazy River and waterfalls you’ve just got to take a dip in the amazing swimming pool. Or if you’re up for a more relaxing kind of holiday sit back and take in the spectacular views from the Brigs of Ayr terrace.

    New for 2016

    In addition to the stunning new pool with water slides Craig Tara added last year, the pool has again been extended for 2016 and the changing facilities have been refurbished on the first floor to provide extra changing capacity. There has also been a makeover for showbar Bonga Wonga, including all new furniture, finishes and features.

    Out & about

    Did you know?

    • Elephants in Scotland? Surely not! Well, incredibly the Scottish Elephant Polo team won the World Championships just two years ago
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