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    Where Are We Wednesday – Seton Sands

    This week’s Where Are We Wednesday is the stunning Seton Sands in Scotland! Well done if you guessed correctly, give yourself a gold star!

    The Park


    If you’re looking to enjoy the beautiful Scottish countryside, as well as being close to the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh, then Seton Sands really is the place to be. It has an adventure trail for fresh air and fun and the beach is opposite, while the 9-hole golf course has lovely sea views.

    The indoor pool has been made bigger as part of the first phase of refurbishment including a new fun feature, along with a paddling area for the little ones.

    Out & About

    The Scottish capital is just 30 minutes away where you’ll be able to have a stroll around Royal Botanic Garden or enjoy the views from Edinburgh Castle. If you’re interested in your history then why not pay the Burns Museum a visit, or if exploration is more your thing Amazonia, an indoor tropical rainforest, is also nearby.

    Did you know?

    • The national animal of Scotland is a unicorn, which has been used as the Scottish heraldic symbol since the 12th century!