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    Where Are We Wednesday – Thornwick Bay

    Where Are We Wednesday might have been more difficult this week because the gorgeous snap was taken at our new park Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire.

    The Park


    Thornwick Bay sits on part of Flamborough Cliffs nature reserve and is in the perfect location to take Nature Rockz to the max so you can discover and explore. As part of a £10 million refurbishment there will be a new outdoor swimming pool, entertainment venue, Activity Barn and play park, and the indoor pool has also had a makeover.

    Out & About

    Nearby is Bempton Cliffs where you may even be able to spot a puffin or two, while the town of Bridlington with its beautiful sandy beach is only just around the corner.

    Did you know?

    Football fans should love Yorkshire as it was the home of the birth of the first ever football club Sheffield FC, formed in 1857.