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    Welcome to Caister’s Community Carnival!

    Haven are proud to support BBC Children in Need  and last year , with the help of our owners and holiday-makers, we raised £240,000! This year we have pledged to raise even more, £300,000 to be exact!
    Although the BBC Children in Need appeal night takes place in November, here at Haven we work hard throughout the year to raise money to help children all over the UK, in fact you can find out what local projects BBC Children in Need helps here.
    Some of us here at Haven HQ recently visited on of our local projects and you really can see the difference you make.

    All the parks love to get on abroad and like to think of new and exciting ways to help the pounds pile up for BBC Children in Need and we really couldn’t do it without our owners!
    They are always keen to get involved with some owners even walking, running, biking, miles to help raise lots of money! Or they may give up their days off to watch over a stall in the pouring rain, all in the aid of charity!

    A prime example of this would be when Helen was lucky enough to join Caister for their annual Community Carnival, and she spoke to three lovey ladies that combined have owned on the over 70 years!

    All the proceeds went straight to Pudsey and it took more than a little rain to dampen the spirit in Norfolk.
    They had live music, candy floss, their famous parade and of course everyone’s favourite yellow bear – Pudsey! Everyone from the team, owners, holiday makers and even the local services got involved to make this the best carnival yet! Rain? What rain!

    If you would like find out more about BBC Children in Need you can visit their official website, full of news and stories!