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    Welcome to our new blog!

    Haven are well known for their holidays but some don’t realise that we also have families who choose to buy a caravan holiday home from us. We know that people may find this a little daunting and be looking for additional help and advice from those in the know. We have a number bloggers who will be sharing their experience and advice with you. We will be regularly posting useful hints and tips and stories from our existing owners. If there’s anything you would like to know or you have any questions please do ask us and comment on our blog. Here’s a happy story to start us off… Enjoy!

    Introducing Mrs Fernandez… Devon Cliffs competition winner!
    What would you do you if someone rung you up and said you’d won a caravan in a competition? A competition you may not even remember entering. A competition you entered but never dreamed of winning? Personally I’d think they were pulling my leg and wouldn’t believe them – this was also the reaction from Mrs Fernandez, our Caravan Holiday Home winner. Mrs Fernandez in fact still doesn’t believe us!

    ‘Oh yeah I still don’t believe it’s happened to me. I was sitting in the exact spot I am now, right here in my living room in my favourite chair when the lady called. I still don’t believe it and I have the keys and have stayed a night!’

    Last month Mrs Fernandez was named the winner of brand new caravan at our Devon Cliffs Holiday Park, a competition she entered when holidaying at our Kiln Park Resort in Tenby with her partner and her six year-old granddaughter, Lexie. After enjoying her break in South Wales Mrs Fernandez saw the opportunity to own her own holiday home and decided why not?

    Mrs Fernandez’s and her family were staying in a caravan that the charity ‘Calm’ own at Kiln Park. They had been given the break as Lexie had just finished three years of chemotherapy. Calm offer children and the families of children who have cancer a chance for a break away.

    Caravan Sales Winner

    “Lexie loves the coast, nearly as much as I do, so even though we’ve only stayed in our own caravan once she’s always nagging me to go again! She says even though Nanny won the van and it’s Nanny’s van, it’s really hers!”

    Mrs Fernandez is the main carer for Lexie and says she struggles to fit holidays around Lexie’s hospital appointments so having her own caravan at Devon Cliffs is amazing as she can now come and go as she pleases, for as short or long as the family wishes.

    ‘This now means that even if we only planned to go for the weekend but we’re having so much fun we don’t want to leave, we don’t have to! I’m going to be coming back in the school holidays with the whole family for eight or nine days, which ever we fancy! This is something we could have never of done before so winning this really is going to change our lives.”

    What is even more amazing is that Mrs Fernandez’s win may change a lot of other people’s lives too.

    “I am a committee member at Calm and when I told them about winning the caravan I saw a lot of people’s eyes light up so this now means I may be donating some weekends to other people as well as school holidays, and with the heatwave we are hoping for this summer I’m sure it’ll be the best one yet.”

    When becoming an owner with Haven there are so many luxuries along with the freedom of when you visit. Exclusively for owners, there are clubs and bars, kid free zones, plus entertainment and days out just for the owners on park – perfect for getting to know your new neighbours! Owners also receive a Privilege Card that allows them 15% on purchases at the park and free sports and leisure activities. You can  have 10 free Privilege Cards, enough for your family and friends as well!

    If this sounds like something you would want to be part of come and have a taste of being an owner! Between the 10- 18 May you can visit one of our 35 parks and see what it’s really like to own a holiday home. You will be able to enjoy all that Haven has to offer including the owners lounges, events and try all the facilities while chatting to current owners. You will also receive the 15% discount in the bars, restaurants and shops. Plus, if you do buy during the dates above you’ll receive £500 credit on your owner’s Privilege Card.

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