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    We’ve adopted a tiger at Blackpool Zoo!

    We’ve teamed up with Blackpool Zoo and adopted one of the cubs that calls Blackpool their home. Adam, who works at our Cala Gran park, went along with Rory and Bradley to meet our new friends.

    ‘ I’ve been living in the area for about 12 months and in that time I’ve had many, many visits to Blackpool Zoo and I’ve just fallen in love with it.
    I love the feeding shows, the amazing Sea Lion display and the environment of the zoo – my favourite feeding show has to be the big cats.
    Another favourite part of my trips to the zoo is of course the ice-cream on sunny days…

    We'd be 'lion' if we said we'd only met the tigers!

    We’d be ‘lion’ if we said we’d only met the tigers!

    When I get back in to work after these amazing trips I start to ponder how we can do more with the zoo. We already sell discounted tickets to our holidays guests but I wanted to do something a bit more personal.

    Our new friends at Blackpool Zoo

    Our new friends at Blackpool Zoo

    I got in touch with Della and Jude who work at the Blackpool Zoo and they introduced me to their adoption programme. I was really excited about this partnership as not only will it help Blackpool Zoo, it will also help Blackpool tourism which is really important to us.I thought we’ve already got one Tiger, Rory, to look after – what’s another one! It just fits really well. I’m really pleased.

    tiger 2


    If adopting a big cat wasn’t exciting enough for me, 2 months later I was invited along to feed the tiger cubs. I was like a kid a Christmas, the cat that got the cream some would say -I jumped at the chance.

    It's like all Adam's Christmas' had come at once!

    It’s like all Adam’s Christmas’ had come at once!

    The tiger cubs were massive, so beautiful and so fluffy. The experience was amazing and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to get this close to the big cats of Blackpool.
    We are now able to proudly state we have adopted the tigers at Blackpool Zoo .’

    Della Delk, the Marketing and PR Managing at Blackpool Zoo, said ‘ We’re thrilled to be working with Cala Gran and Haven in this exciting partnership.’

     Have you visited Blackpool Zoo?
    What’s your favourite animal?