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    Why we own at Weymouth bay…

    Myself and Madi were lucky enough to take a trip to Weymouth Bay and Seaview last month and we got the chance to meet some very special owners…

    One of the best parts of our jobs is the chance to meet families that have been with us for a long time and can tell us all about the changes and improvements that happen on our parks;

    ‘We first came to Weymouth in 1982,’ Katherine and Jim tell us, who have owned a caravan at Weymouth for an incredible 32 years.

    ‘Although he loves it now, Jim didn’t want to come to Weymouth at first you know, but our daughter was studying Nursing down here so we thought this was a perfect way of being near to her. We’re on our fifth van and needless to say Jim has fallen in love with Weymouth.’

    We remember when we first came, all these caravans to the back of us – just farmers fields. We’ve seen lots of changes happen on this park, new complexes, and activities and of course more neighbours as the park grounds have become bigger. When we first starting owning at Weymouth Bay we didn’t have the bridge that connects us to Seaview, and although we don’t go across often it’s great for when our families come and visit.’

    And with seven grandchildren, aged 25-4, you can see why Weymouth Bay and Seaview sharing facilities, show bars and complex’s is great!

    ‘Our grandkids love the entertainment here, the swimming is perfect for the older ones while the tots activities and the characters keep the younger ones entertained.’

    When it came to choosing their Holiday Homes, Katherine and Jim also had another family member to consider.

    ‘Oh Samson is the best dog, he’s 13 years old if you would believe it!’ Jim says, ‘He loves water and lucky for us Weymouth is very dog friendly. I’d recommend The Smugglers Inn for a dog friendly pub and if you want a great carvery you’ve got to go to The Spyglass Inn it’s only a short drive away and just delicious!’

    So would Katherine and Jim recommend Weymouth Bay and Seaview to potential owners?

    ‘ Well put it this way, out of the last three months we’ve only been back in Wells for four days!.’

    I’d say that’s a definite yes then.

    Katherine, Jim and of course, Samson, love Weymouth.

    Katherine, Jim and of course, Samson, love Weymouth.