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    What’s it like owning a caravan at Lakeland?

    With its picturesque background, the Lake District right on your doorstep and now a new owners lounge, our Lakeland park in Cumbria, really is that perfect little retreat.

    This year Lakeland welcomed with open arms, their new owners exclusive lounge, Otters Lodge. Naomi and I were lucky enough to drive up to the lovely lakes and see what the new space had to offer…and we weren’t disappointed.

    The new lounge overlooks the beautiful new lake that is in the heart of the park and when you are done with just gazing, you can take the kayaks out!
    We could go on and on about how great Lakeland really is but we thought we’d leave that to some of the current owners, including The chairman of the Lakeland Bowls club that has over 100 members!

    What’s it like owning at Lakeland?