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    What’s it like staying at your Haven park during Halloween?

    As an owner, what is Halloween like on the park?What’s it like to go from caravan to caravan? Do owners decorate their caravans and get into the spirit? Are there any Halloween parties to unleash your ‘killer’ dance moves?

    So we got on the phone to Dawn Farrell, she is one of the best people to ask – being the Owners Events Coordinator and Entertainment Manager at Far Grange in Yorkshire.

    Her answers might just send a chill down your spine…

    It all began with something very spooky at Far Grange…

    The scariest thing that I’m about to share with you about Halloween at Far Grange, is that it’s not just what they get up to there… but how long they plan it for. Dawn let me in on a little secret: that it’s such a big event, owners start asking over the summer what’s in store. So they have no choice but to start planning the scarefestmonths ahead.

    They are definitely not messing around.

    Eight of the team are behind the plot to bring spookiness to the park. And here’s what horrors they like to reveal to the owners who dare to stay over the October half term…

    Nobody is safe from the scariness…


    “Presenting on stage in front of 300 people dressed up as Hannibal and zombies, I put the eerie music on and it’s terrifying dawn– and I usually have people chasing me round the room!”

    ~ Dawn Farrell, Entertainment Manager
    and Owners Events Coordinator


    Even the team are in danger, as the fun is seriously contagious. They all dress up for the whole week in the run up to Halloween (Dawn actually told us she didn’t want to take her witch’s outfit off!)

    They get into the ghoulish spirit –choosing their favourite costumes, jumping out on people during the country walk, and playing scary music throughout the park like the title music from the film ‘Halloween’.


    The masterminds behind the spooky shenanigans set up tons of fun things to do for owners and their families: from pumpkin carving, a wicked witch hunt, making hats and brooms and much more:

    • Psychic event for grown-ups on 31st October
    • A big Halloween party on 31st October, with a costume competition for both adults and kids
    • A scary ghost walk over at the Country park on November 1st with the theme ‘Fairy Tales Gone Wrong’

    Plus, there’s Halloween punch bowls where owners can invent their own cocktails (it could be lethal!), and all the usual Halloween stuff, such as trick or treating around the park.

    They couldn’t believe what they saw there…

    It sounds like you’re not safe from the fun anywhere on the park at Halloween -Dawn said that everyone decorates their caravans and owners go all out – with coffins outside and everything!

    Trick or treat

    If you fancy sharing any of your own Halloween stories as an owner, or you want to know more, we’d love to hear from you. Just jotdown your thoughts in the comments.

    Don’t have nightmares!