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    What’s new for Nature Rockz in 2017?

    With a whole range of new and exciting outdoor activities appearing at Haven in 2017, it’s time to find your inner Bear Grylls on the Great British Coast.

    NEW for 2017 Haven holiday parks will be introducing two new activities to help families discover the great outdoors. Bring the whole family together by making Survival Bracelets’, this para cord bracelet not only looks great but in an emergency the seven inner strands can be pulled out and used for everything from fishing line to sewing thread. The same material was even used by astronauts to fix the Hubble Space Telescope.

    Get creative and join a Ranger in their Nature Rockz Tipi to create a personalised ‘Dreamcatcher’, a Native American charm that is said to help with a good night’s sleep. Holidaymakers will start with a basic hoop of willow, which can then be decorated with gemstones, beads and feathers, before taking it away to hang above the bed. According to legend, bad dreams are caught in the centre of the dreamcatcher where they disappear with the light of the next day, while good dreams slide down the feathers to whoever is sleeping below.

    Haven’s Nature Rockz Park Rangers will also continue running activities from bug hunt safaris to shelter building and fire lighting to pond dipping alongside guided nature trails, stone skimming tournaments and mini nature activities.

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    For a range of more unique and bespoke Nature Rockz activities, Haven’s newest holiday park, Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire, will continue running a ramped up version of the Nature Rockz programme led by their Park Ranger Elliot Banks. Activities that are unique to Thornwick Bay include; ‘Storytelling‘ hosted in one of the many magical settings on the park, ‘Cave Art‘ where families can recreate art inspired by designs found in sea caves and ‘Guided Bird Identification‘ along the Flamborough coastline and into the neighbouring nature reserve.

    Families are encouraged to explore the local area and surrounding coastline when staying at any one of Haven’s 36 coastal holiday parks. Their Nature Rockz activities are the perfect way to help the whole family discover more of the stunning British coastline whilst learning from outdoor experts

    Have you done any Nature Rockz activities? What’s your favourite thing about the great outdoors? Let us know in the comments section below!