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    What’s on in: Sussex

    Sussex, best known for it’s English Channel seaside resorts is a rural county in the South East of England. With dramatic coastlines, picturesque beaches and fun packed seaside towns you will never be stuck for something to do when you visit this beautiful part of the country. Read below for more on what to do in the area and local events taking place.

    Top 3 things to do in Sussex: 

    Royal Pavilion 

    The Royal Pavilion is a must see attraction in the South East of our country. The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace which was built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. With a colourful history stretching back over 200 years, and the visual style of India and China, the palace really is a breath-taking and intriguing attraction to visit.

    Seven Sisters Country Park

    Walk or cycle along the dramatic white chalk cliffs and enjoy stunning views across the English Channel. The Seven Sisters Country Park is a great place for spotting birds and getting some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and cities. The Seven Sisters  were created when ancient rivers cut valleys into the chalk cliffs creating seven peaks, each were then named so cross them off your list as you stroll along and enjoy the view!


    If you’re visiting Sussex why not stay at one of our holiday parks based there?

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    East Sussex Falconry 

    The East Sussex Falconry is a fantastic day out for all the family. Experience flying a number of different birds first hand as they fly above your head and land on your wrist! From barn owls to hawks and falcons, you can experience a range of birds and be given plenty of interesting facts and information throughout the day.


    What’s on in Sussex? 

    There are lots of exciting events to take the family to in Sussex:

    • Brighton Digital Festival: 01-28/09/16
    • All England Jumping Champions : 01 – 04/09/16
    • Astronomy Festival: 02-04/09/16
    • Bognor Birdman: 03-04/09/16
    • The Big Nibble: 03-04/09/16
    • Horsham Food & Drink Festival: 03/09/16-02/10/16
    • Coastal Currents Festival: 03/09/16-02/10/16
    • Family Funday: 04/09/16
    • Family Raceday: 18/09/16
    • Pirates and Smugglers Day: 18/09/16


    Sussex is a beautiful part of the country and also home to our two parks Combe Haven and Church Farm. Be sure to check them out if you’re planning on visiting the area!

    Have you tried any of these attractions? Let us know how they were in the comment section below!