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    Where Are We Wednesday – Allhallows

    The beautiful park in today’s Where Are We Wednesday post was Kent’s very own Allhallows, a place full of wildlife and brilliant leisure activities.

    The Park


    If you just want to get away from everyday life and enjoy the relaxation of the countryside then Allhallows really is the place for you to go on holiday. There’s some incredible views and lots of green space with the park sloping down towards the estuary making it the perfect antidote to the stresses of the city.

    Allhallows has a nine-hole golf course as well as heated indoor and outdoor pools, or hire one of our karts and take it to explore all corners of the park.

    Out and About


    Nearby is a 19th century fort offering some beautiful sights of Kent, while you could also pay a visit to Canterbury and enjoy one of the oldest and most famous cathedrals in the country. Plus Kent is known as the Garden of England so what more could you want from a break away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life? And if you fancy a spot of shopping while on your holiday Bluewater Shopping Centre isn’t too far away!

    Plus Allhallows is just 40 miles from London so despite the peace and quiet you’re never too far from the capital.

    Check out our 48 guide to Kent to find out even more:

    Did you know?

    Kent played host to the first motor show in Great Britain – and quite possibly the world – on October 15, 1895 in Tunbridge Wells! Five vehicles were on display, including a Peugeot which belonged to the Mayor who had arranged the event at the Agricultural Showground which attracted hundreds of visitors as well as a number of prominent members of the press.

    Have you visited Allhallows? Share your holiday memories with us in the comment section below!