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    Where to Spot the UK’s Rarest Wildlife

    We all know about endangered species like tigers and rhinos, but did you know there are countless rare animals living right here, on UK shores?

    Who needs to jet off abroad when you could spot some unique species at home? No matter where you are in the country, there’s always an opportunity to catch a glimpse of something rather special. Imagine watching a wildcat slink past your binoculars in Scotland, or the world’s second largest fish glide by your boat in Cornwall.

    From woodland hideaways and sandy dunes to wetlands thick with reeds, our host of habitats supports some spectacular animals. And while some might be a little too shy, or live in extremely remote areas, there are plenty of creatures that are much easier to find.

    To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together this handy guide to where to spot some of the UK’s rarest wildlife. From brazen birds and beautiful butterflies, to charming reptiles and magnificent mammals, take a look and see how many you can track down.

    guide to rare uk wildlife

    wildlife book

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    Sharks and wildcats? I had no idea we had wildlife this special in the UK!

    Wildcats in the UK! Who knew? Can't wait to spot some of these amazing animals.