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    Why I bought a caravan by Ian at Hopton

    We wanted to give any potential owners an idea of what it really is like to start your journey of Caravan Ownership with Haven. Now we could tell you ourselves but we believe that it is a lot more honest coming from someone who has experienced buying three caravans with us. Step forward Ian, who is an owner at our Hopton in Norfolk.
    How it all began..

    The fateful day was over a dozen years ago, but I can still remember it vividly even now. It was a miserable wet February day – Valentine’s Day no less. My wife was interested in having her own caravan and we had a bit of capital to spare.
    We had had some wonderful caravan holidays when our six kids were young, and we wanted to relive the dream. We had already looked at a number of sites on the south and east coasts before we arrived at Hopton Holiday Village on that windy morning. Not the kind of day to be buying a caravan you might think!
    The moment we drove onto the site, I liked it and had that strange feeling that this was the one for me – it’s funny how that happens isn’t it?

    We met a smashing salesman Adrian who talked us through things and showed us round. Driving round the site I spotted the exact the pitch I wanted – how lucky was that?
    There were a couple of nice used vans within our price range – modern vans are so up-market compared to the old days aren’t they?
    I told my wife that we could afford the cheaper one, but if she went for the more expensive one, she would need to rent it out as well. When you own at Haven you can have the choice to sublet your van.
    As this caravan was a Valentine present for my wife  I did give her the choice of which van she would want – she chose the most expensive of course.
    On the way home she told me that she didn’t want to rent it out though (that’s women for you!). It was a lovely van and soon became her pride & joy.

    Why do we love being Owners?

    The thing about being an Owner in my view is not to see the purchase as any kind of capital investment – the van is simply and solely a immense facility, and one that has to be used to be worthwhile.

    We and our family & friends,who come to the van, live less than a couple of hours away so we can even visit our van on impulse at the spur of the moment . This means no booking  flights months in advance, or packing & weighing suitcases, queuing at check-ins, standing in line at security checks (or opening cases that the scanner doesn’t like), aimlessly wandering around overpriced Terminal shops or suffering unexpected & interminable flight delays.
    Its also means we don’t have to  spend valuable holiday time worrying about travelling back.
    All beaten into a cocked hat by jumping in the car and a short time later hopping out at a prestige site into a fully equipped van with your personal stuff already in the wardrobes & the fridge freezer full!


    Our Second Holiday Home (and third!)

    After a few years my wife dreamed of having a van with central heating & double glazing – I said no of course (but who am I). I have always looked on the showground at the new vans coming in, and unfortunately one day I saw one which I really really liked.
    I bought it, and my wife was over the moon – it was a magical van. Another couple of years went by and my wife was enticed by another van and she HAD to have it!
    It had a bath you see! I said no again of course (but who am I). You all know how this ended.. we bought it .
    Now don’t get me wrong it is a perfect van however she has never been in the bath to my knowledge, but the grandchildren love it!
    Personally I absolutely esteem my current van (a Pemberton Knightsbridge) and I am determined to stick with it (but who am I).

    What is there to do on site?

    If you have Grandchildren like mine; you may need a lot of energy. They love coming to visit us at the site and are regularly heard saying they never want to go home. They never tire of the Funworks’ events, as there is always such a selection! Plus there is swimming, football and all the rest, which gets me in the parents good books as it’s getting the kids active.

    They also love  hitting the coin machines  (with your unending supply 2p & 10p coins!), which nice as it reminds me of my childhood by the beach.
    As a granddad you are required to show your elderly skills and experience by winning each of them a soft toy from the crane machines – not easy or cheap!

    Like anything else in life, owning something is never completely hassle free. But don’t let this worry you too much, because I can tell you  Haven  have teams at all their sites to deal with any Owners difficulties. Relax on that one then

    My three vans have been a complete indulgent pleasure, and I am equally proud of owning each of them. I often see ‘potential owners’ in the Sales Lounge, on the face of it asking themselves “Can I afford to buy this caravan?” I want to shout across the room to say, ask yourself  “Can I afford NOT to buy this caravan”.

    And remember BEFORE you buy a caravan just work out though who ‘really’ wears the trousers won’t you?