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    Wildlife Trust at Blue Dolphin, Yorkshire!

    Here at Haven we love the great outdoors! Now is as good a time as any to make the most of the delights our wonderful countryside has to offer; especially as summer is just around the corner.To make the great outdoors even more exciting we are proud to announce that our wonderful Blue Dolphin Park has entered into partnership with the Yorkshire Wild Life Trust!

    This glorious park is renowned for its location on the cliff tops north of Filey and is the perfect place for guests and owners to see all manner of different wildlife from seabirds to whales and dolphins. We are really happy to say that this new partnership will allow everyone to get even closer to nature. We asked our intern Johnny to speak to the lady you made this all happen…

    One of the main aims of this partnership is to restore the chalk grasslands on top of the sea cliffs and encourage anyone staying at the park to find out more about the wildlife on their doorstep. The lovely Christina Heffron, the Owners Event Coordinator and Event Pioneer at the Blue Dolphin, is exceptionally excited about this partnership and cannot wait to provide an unmatched wildlife experience to all those visiting the park.


    The park has got green houses and vegetables patches that are growing all manner of different vegetables such as sweet corn, cucumbers, rhubarb, peas and even purple peppers! They have even started a ‘Salt of the Earth Club’ which allows children to help with vegetable patches and in the greenhouse! There are plans to make the allotments even bigger, so stay tuned!

    Kids Gardening

    But hang on there is even more! There are fun and educational learning activities for kids that will be in combination with the National Curriculum and aid with understanding wildlife to key stage levels. These are to be combined with events in July such as ‘Mini Beasts’ and a scavenger hunt, which both sound like really great fun.

    We are super excited to announce some BREAKING NEWS! Just last week the team found birds nesting on the cliff tops where they have been work.Alongside this Christina has also been working on getting owl boxes out to the local farmers and one huge owl box for the park.

    kids and veg
    There are also exciting activities for owners at the park! Christina has organised an owners trip to a marine reserve where there is the chance to see dolphins, whales and much more! This is definitely an unmissable opportunity for all owners and we are sure Christina will be putting on even more events throughout the year.

    In the words of Christina, wildlife activities are ‘booming’ on the park! We highly recommend getting involved with any activities that may be on whilst you are staying with us. And we would really like to put a huge thank you out to Christina and her team at Blue Dolphin and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for really bringing everyone a wonderful and fun experience!